launches NFT-based B2B membership cards for  E-sports fans

Yesports, a newly emerging Web3 platform for E-sports engagement, is debuting NFT membership passes for B2B platform-as-a-service to e-sports fans. The NFT passes will enable fans to engage in Web3 with their 10 esports partners with exclusive benefits, IRL and online.

Esports is also entering the NFT/Web3 space, and Yesports is a pioneer of it. The platform has partnered with top 10 esports teams with big fandoms to help them connect and interact both in the digital and physical worlds.

The teams include Talon, BOOM Esports, Renegades, INFINITY, FACT, WLG, Team Empire, and many more.

The NFT access cards will be kind of like membership cards that give access to “VIP access to esports events, expense-paid trips, exclusive NFT drops, signed merchandise, private discord access and AMAs, social media shout-outs, and much more.”

Founder and CEO of Yesports, Sebastian Quinn said,  “NFT membership represents a groundbreaking development for esports that holds the potential to be a veritable game-changer for fan engagement and team revenue.”

Yesports plan on expanding the NFT membership cards’ utility in Web3. According to the official roadmap, Yesports will introduce an NFT marketplace where fans can trade esports-related digital collectibles, its own native token called $YESP, play-to-earn games, a metaverse, and more.

The NFT membership cards will be divided into three categories, Gold, Silver, and Diamond. So, the benefits will also vary based on how rare of an NFT you hold. Additionally, Yesports access packs and one-of-a-kind digital collectibles will also be minted.

All in all, Yesports NFTs are expected to provide a wide range of utility to the holders.