Young Zuckerberg as baseball player NFT photo goes live for auction

Irvin Simon Photographers, a photographer studio for schools and sports, recently posted an auction for Mark Zuckerberg’s young baseball NFT trading card. The auction begins on Sep 24.

The auction will feature the original trading card and the NFT of eight-year-old Mark Zuckerberg wearing a baseball jersey and holding a bat, along with some verified documents.

No one knew the young kid would grow up to become the CEO of Meta when the photo was taken. Given Zuckerberg’s popularity, the NFT photo card immediately grabbed the attention of NFT enthusiasts.

The NFT card aka Zuckerberg’s Little League trading card autographed by the CEO himself and verified by certified documents will soon be out for auction hosted by  ComicConnect.

“Every child's photograph we take is special, and we are delighted to see the value of a childhood portrait represented at the auction,” the CEO of Irvin Simon Photographers said.

According to the press release, Mark Zuckerberg attended the Elmwood Camp in Westchester County, New York in 1992. He had a batting average of 0.920 and this picture is him posing for the camera.

The fans of Zuckerberg have expressed excitement about collecting a rare photo card that holds a lot of meaning. For collectors, this card has a lot of value since this is about the CEO of Meta.

The auction will begin on September 24 and everyone will have a chance to set a bid price for the Little League trading card. The winning bid will get the NFT and the photo card will be sent.

More details on the auction of Zuckerberg’s NFT photo card will be released soon.

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