Zuckerberg’s metaverse avatar 

laughing stock, Meta stock drops 45%

Mark Zuckerberg’s plans for the metaverse

don’t seem to be going well. Since Meta announced its intention to expand in the metaverse last year in October, Meta stock's value has pummeled down 45%.

couldn’t get any worse, Zuckerberg decided to post a screenshot of his avatar in Horizon Worlds, Meta’s metaverse. This brought fits of laughter and memes circulating on the internet.

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It seems Meta has lost its spark of creativity and dedication to a project, or it simply doesn’t have the budget to afford to create a metaverse despite being a billion-dollar tech company.

When Horizon Worlds first came out, it received a lot of criticism for having bare minimum visual details. Compared to Meta’s marketing, the avatars and landscape look low-budget and basic.

On the other hand, Meta’s stocks seem to have been undervalued this year, based on recent reports. The investors, stakeholders, and employees aren’t happy with Zuckerberg’s management of the company.

 decision with its social media platforms and then metaverse is pushing the company’s value downward but Zuckerberg is paying no attention to it. His metaverse plans aren’t doing so well either.


His metaverse selfie has become a meme, Horizon Worlds isn’t receiving the attention it Meta hoped for, and the metaverse community is uninterested in Meta. How will the CEO recover from this?

Despite having acquired a VR startup, Oculus, and a metaverse team for Horizon Worlds, Meta and Zuckerberg have failed to provide what consumers really want with the metaverse.

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