ridiculed by the internet

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Compared to Zuckerberg’s claim and the marketing teasers shown last year, Horizon Worlds on Meta Oculus Quest seems to be a bad impression of what the metaverse should look like.

Horizon Worlds is a social VR application built by Meta platforms that enable users to interact, play, and explore virtual worlds for content consumption and creation.

Horizon Worlds was supposed to boost Meta’s revenue with its launch but caused a loss to the billion-dollar company when it failed to meet its financial goals based on its recent quarterly report.

Things got worse with the recent Mark Zuckerberg post of his avatar’s selfie from Horizon Worlds with a basic structure of the Eiffel Tower and another famous building from Spain in the background.

This brought fits of laughter and mockery on the internet. The lifeless avatar, lack of details, and the confidence of the CEO became a center of discussion.

YouTuber YongYea commented that the picture and character were very unappealing. He gave examples of VR experiences and games that put more time, effort, and investment opportunities than Meta.

Many employees believe Zuckerberg's persistence in building a metaverse is costing a loss for Meta in the market. In fact, the company is slowly losing the confidence of its investors as well.

Seeing the lack of effort put into the graphics and making of the virtual world, YongYea says Zuckerberg seems to have tone-deaf knowledge about what the public really wants.