Where to Buy NFTs: Top 8 Leading Marketplaces in 2022

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Where to buy NFTs?

Do you want to buy NFTs but are confused about where to buy them? Here is the list of NFT marketplaces to help you get started. NFTs have generated a $1 billion trade volume in just seven months. For crypto experts, it is a fairly high achievement in a very short period.

NFTs are the same as having assets, any belongings, or stamp paper. It is the digital currency or non-fungible token that makes you buy any digital art. NFTs are generated on Ethereum or Solana Blockchains. The reason behind the rise of NFTs is their uniqueness and non-convertible properties. NFTs make you own an image of choice or a piece of music without producing any copy of your asset.

NFTs are a currency of choice for several broad ranges of products such as illustration images, animations, video games, sports collectibles, etc.

Do you have any idea of an independent Metaverse? It is an independent digital space or world that artists or NFT product makers build.

Where to Buy NFTs?

You now have an idea of what is the importance of NFT trading and why you should invest in NFT projects. You may now want to know what’s the best approach to buying NFTs.

NFTs have created a separate digital globe for artists. Several artists consider NFTs as the safest and most influential way to portray their Artwork, that too with, a rarity index. Here are some leading NFT Marketplaces you can use to buy NFT.

1. SuperRare

SuperRare is a peer-based marketplace known for the sale and collection of digital art pieces that are published only once.

Super rare is anything like your usual social media profile. SuperRare sale profile shows the current bidding prices or fixed prices along with other necessary details of the art piece. The purchase allowed by SuperRare happens to be through Ether.

2. Foundation

Foundation is a unique marketplace. You can buy a basket featuring digital art content and related stuff.

Did you know what is in Foundation’s basket for you? Foundation is a renowned sale place for meme art where it has successfully sold viral meme sensations like Nadya Tolokonnikova, Aphex Twin, and Edward Snowden.

Meme art is displayed through the sale page with creator details, rarity, and auction prices. Creating a MetaMask wallet is essential for Foundation and for purchasing and selling anything on it.

3. Mintable

Mintable can be called your conventional shopping site like eBay as it is a two-sided marketing platform. It is a marketplace that is created on two Blockchains: Ethereum and Zilliqa. A MetaMask preset Crypto wallet is essential for purchasing free gasless NFTs or regularly priced NFTs

Mintable features diverse NFTs sales including Art pieces, Images, domain names, video pieces, and video games.

4. OpenSea

OpenSea is one of the largest and most basic NFTs marketplaces. It is preferred by millions of new users. OpenSea alone has surpassed the net trading worth of $4 billion. It is a broad and diverse marketplace that has everything you want in the collection of your digital assets. It includes sports collectibles, Metaverses (Virtual digital world), video games, music pieces, digital art, and much more.

5. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a video game-based NFTs marketplace. The videogame revolves around several cartoon characters from the game and their collections. The players are free to choose their animation pets, do Virtual battles, and make their kingdom stronger.

You might be surprised to know that; it crossed more than 23 million players in October. The animations that are characters and their kingdoms are based on NFTs.

6. Sorare

Sorare is a digital NFTs soccer league game. The game revolves around NFTs as player cards and buying projects as competitions. There are 180 registered and licensed soccer clubs in the Sorare marketplace. Sorare is an Ethereum Blockchain-based marketplace. All sales are done through Ethereum.

7. Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway is a renowned marketplace that is centralized. It generates Nifties through artists and brand endorsements. Nifties is a company-specified term for “NFTs”.

Drops in Nifty Gateway incorporate projects for sale with preset time duration. The website of Nifty Gateway is a hub for several known brands such as Came Hicks, BD White, etc. The information is well aligned throughout the web pages.

8. NFTs Studio24

Your NFTs purchase or resale is incomplete without any ranking or promotion on the online station. Here at NFTStudio24, we feature the latest NFT collections and upcoming NFT projects to help you invest in the best creative work available. Whether it’s top projects ranking or expert opinion of your minting projects. NFTs Studio24 will help you cover everything.


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Keep up with latest news and announcements in Web3 world with NFTStudio24, Japan's first media platform built on blockchain technology revolutionizing the age of news and reporting.