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Aventis Metaverse is World’s and Asia’s first Graduate School for Metaverse Headquartered in Singapore where students are taught and trained about emerging digital technologies in a phygital environment.

By utilizing its EduFi or LEARN-AND-EARN model, Aventis empowers individuals to explore professional careers in the metaverse. It also has its own Web3 Incubator and a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to give students a more personalized experience. 


So far, Aventis Metaverse has over 60,000 learners with 15 years of experience. The Graduate School houses some of the best professionals in the field of metaverse to train students about the virtual worlds. 


NFTStudio24 has signed an MOU with Aventis Metaverse Graduate School to support its vision of education. Monthly reports, Podcast sessions, and other informative content by Aventis are coming soon only on NFTStudio24!

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NFTStudio24 x Aventis Metaverse will educate the masses about Web3


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