Experts Alliance

An Expert Alliance to empower, partner, and publish through NFTStudio24.

Membership benefits

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1- Bringing Ideas to Reality

NFTStudio24 Experts Alliance members get an exclusive opportunity to:

Be part of a progressive community 


Discover hidden talent and grow professionally


Share ideas and partner with like-minded people


Publish on

2- Publish on NFTStudio24

NFTStudio24 Experts Alliance gives members the freedom to express their ideas by publishing content on .

NFTStudio24 helps Experts to convey their message and ideas to a global audience through publication. Here’s how they can do it:

  • Latest interview and Q/A session on current affairs related to Blockchain and the web3 industry
  • Write articles yourself and publish them on
  • NFTStudio24 as a Media partner to your events and workshops

3- Interviews & Opinion

NFTStudio24 Experts Alliance creates a space for individuals to meet like-minded people from all around the world through interviews. 


By sharing the same aspirations as others, these interviews empower new and emerging talent to make a breakthrough in the market. It also initiates development in the blockchain industry through partnerships and collaborations.

In a way, virtual interviews can help motivate members by hearing stories of hard-working professionals.

4- NFTStudio24 Badge

NFTStudio24 is a reputable media company that leads in the advanced blockchain and digital collectible industry as an authentic source of information. You can use the NFTStudio24 badge and display it on your official website as a brand partner.

5- Personalized Profiles

Make your name in the industry through NFTStudio24 Experts Alliance by having a personalized profile displaying your personal and professional info with a list of articles you published with NFTStudio24.

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6- Interactive Circle

NFTStudio24’s website is designed to bring you the latest news and connect with potential partners. Find members with relevant interests and chat with them for future opportunities.

7- Support team

The support team is always on stand-by to help members with any service-related complications.

8- Attend Web3 events

NFTStudio24 provides the latest news on upcoming Web3-related events worldwide. As a member of NFTStudio24 Experts Alliance, you will receive exclusive updates to the events near you, so you never miss out on the latest drops.

Membership requirements

Occupational position

To become part of the community, your professional affiliation is very important. Members will be selected if they are senior executives, entrepreneurs with an emerging business or startup, or experts from different industries.


Experience is also an important aspect of becoming part of our community. NFTStudio24 requires members to have at least 3 years of verified experience in a senior position and have a history of involvement with various innovative published  projects.

Other requirement criteria

If you have never been a senior executive, a leader at a company, or an expert you can still become part of the NFTStudio24 Experts Alliance if you fall in one of the below-mentioned criteria: 

  • Motivational/KeyNote speakers who have attended seminars
  • A regular worker with many years of experience in public speaking and presenting
  • TV or any other media content host with a good number of viewers and subscribers. 
  • A published author with a good record of books sold (self-published books don’t count)
  • Work at another publication website or company that doesn’t fall under the same industry as NFTStudio24