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NFT or Nonfungible token is an irreplaceable digital asset with proof of ownership stored in the public ledger. Each NFT is designed individually, has unique traits, and holds a certain value in the digital market. NFTs are the latest trending digital craze that is worth millions of dollars.

Read about the various NFT news from collection drops, announcements, collaborations, and partnerships, to exclusive events and conferences.

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GCC’s Tokenization Could Lead to a Global Expansion of the Cannabis Industry

Global Cannabis Capital or GCC announces its plans to raise capital by selling equity through the Ethereum blockchain. This tokenization

news room news room April 22, 2022

Adidas Integrated Into The Metaverse, Sandbox.

Adidas integrated Iinto the Metaverse, Sandbox. Two Days Earlier,  The Sandbox Uploaded A Video Clip of Adidas real estate in

news room news room November 29, 2021

Many Famous Crypto Youtube Accounts Suffered Through Targeted Attacks By Hackers.

Many Famous crypto youtube accounts suffered through targeted attacks by hackers. Many popular crypto YouTubers' observed the scamming videos posted

news room news room January 26, 2022