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NFT or a Non-fungible token is a digital asset that gives a person the right to ownership. There can only be one NFT in the world; it is irreplaceable and no one can copy it. NFTs can be art, music, short clips, images, or anything that can be owned in a digital form.

NFTs have taken over the world by storm, especially digital art NFT and Metaverse. Read the latest NFT news on live events, conferences, collaborations, and collection drops.

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Meta Extends NFT Sharing To All Instagram and Facebook Users In The US

Meta opens NFT sharing to all Facebook and Instagram users in the US following the testing of digital assets with

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Times Square Building Owner Stepped Into The Decentraland.

The Times Square building owner stepped into the Decentraland. He is planning to recreate a 26 story building in the

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Meta unveils Horizon Worlds in the US and Canada

On Thursday, Facebook made an announcement that it has opened the doors of the Horizon worlds, its virtual reality world

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