Editorial independence: NFTStudio24 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Daiki Co ltd, one of the largest private investors in the industry. We operate independently of the parent company, with no involvement in editorial or content decisions. Our journalists cover Daiki Co ltd and its portfolio companies objectively, just like any other subjects.

NFTStudio24 and Daiki Co ltd have strict independence policies. Daiki Co ltd employees cannot pressure NFTStudio24 journalists for coverage, and NFTStudio24 employees are encouraged to report any such attempts.

Our office is located in the same building as Daiki Co ltd subsidiary, but on a separate floor, ensuring independence.

Disclosure: We disclose our corporate ownership in all articles, and certain NFTStudio24 employees may receive Daiki Co ltd equity as part of their compensation, which they must hold for a minimum of 30 days.

Journalistic standards: We uphold high standards of accuracy, fairness, objectivity, and responsible reporting. Factual errors are corrected promptly, and all corrections are disclosed.

Personal investing: We have guidelines to ensure transparency and prevent misuse of information obtained during work. Employees must notify compliance officers of cryptocurrency trades, with a 30-day holding period.

Company stocks: We have more restrictive guidelines for owning stocks, with journalists barred from owning shares in pure-play crypto firms or diversified companies involved in crypto.

Social media: We use social media professionally, and employees interacting with users are expected to conduct themselves professionally.

Use of AI: We may use AI tools for content generation, with clear disclosures and bylines when AI is involved.

Advertising: We refuse ads directly promoting tokens, fundraising events, or tokens under SEC scrutiny. We disclose affiliate links, but they do not influence editorial decisions.

Events and partnerships: Sponsored content is clearly labeled, and sponsor relationships do not impact content. Sponsored sessions at events are separate from editorial content.

Giveaways/contests: Employees may not accept tokens or products from giveaways that could affect their coverage.

Appendix A: Policy on content independence: This section outlines our commitment to editorial independence from Daiki Co. Ltd., detailing processes to ensure unbiased reporting, address conflicts of interest, and protect against undue influence.”