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The blockchain industry is the infrastructure on which every decentralized application or website operates. It uses the Distributed ledger technology (DLT) to record transactions and share information with various networks with no central party.

The latest news on recent developments in the Blockchain industry. Blockchain updates for Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Klayton, and other networks.

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SeSocio: A Latin American Crypto Investing Platform has been Acquired by Blockchain.com

Blockchain.com has purchased SeSocio, an Argentine crypto investing platform. While the exact purchase agreement has not been made public, individuals

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2022 Consumer Electronics Show Displays Metaverse And Blockchain Technology

2022 Consumer Electronics Show displays Metaverse and Blockchain technology. Samsung will also present its development in the metaverse, and along

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Terraform Labs CEO Says massive Bitcoin crash is unlikely to affect UST’s demand

Kwon Do, Terraform Lab’s CEO, says the Bitcoin crash is unlikely to affect UST’s demand in the market due to

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