Dhivya Daniel 01

Dhivya Daniel

CEO, MetaWise

Dhivya Daniel is a renowned marketing expert and co-founder of MetaWise, a leading blockchain marketing agency specializing in DeFi Marketing, Games & NFT Marketing, Fintech, and Metaverse projects. With a background in various industries, including lifestyle, sports, real estate, and blockchain, Dhivyadhivya’s analytical approach has propelled MetaWise to the forefront of the Web3 marketing space.

MetaWise boasts an impressive client list that includes some of the most prominent names in the industry, such as TryHards, KLON, Safegram, GoldeFy, MetaFighter, and GameStarter. The agency has a proven track record of executing successful marketing campaigns, generating over 40 million impressions for clients, and achieving a remarkable return on investment.


MetaWise has become a leader in the blockchain marketing industry, working with clients across Europe, the USA, and Asia. The crypto marketing agency has a network of 150 media partners and over 400 influencers worldwide, and its team of experienced professionals provides clients with a range of services that include go-to-market strategy, branding, content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, influencer marketing, banner ads, public relations, and targeted marketing.


Despite facing numerous challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic, Dhivya’s determination, and astute analytical skills have enabled her to turn setbacks into opportunities, ultimately leading to the creation of MetaWise. Over the past three years, her agency has worked with over 40 clients, achieving a four-fold increase in revenue for them.


Dhivya Daniel’s entrepreneurial journey is an inspiration to many in the industry. With her talented team and continued success, the future of MetaWise in the blockchain marketing space is exciting and full of promise.

Area of Expertise : CEO