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Nisheta Sachdev
Managing Director, Luna PR
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Nisheta Sachdev is an Indian-American marketing specialist. She has been in crypto since 2017 and has helped launch Luna Media Corp and Luna PR, the Web3 PR and marketing agency based in Dubai. Nisheta is passionate about the medical and blockchain industries and kicked off her career in the medical space by working with multiple med-tech projects. She aims to increase mass adoption through PR and marketing strategies and education.


Alongside her sister, Nish has helped manage and grow Luna Media corp in growing it to include four companies and over 100 team members. She also speaks at universities to educate doctors on the potential of blockchain in their industry.


About Luna PR: 

Luna PR, launched in 2020, is an award-winning PR and Marketing agency headquartered in Dubai (UAE) with offices in Miami and Singapore. Luna PR focuses on the Fintech and Web3 industry, with expertise in NFTs, Crypto and Blockchain. Having worked with over 600 ventures, their tailored strategies and hands-on approach have contributed to the success of several leading projects. Luna PR, led by an executive team of women, has a team of over 100 employees and won “best PR agency in Fintech” in 2021.

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