Expert Interview: CEO Matthieu on Last Resort & Onboarding non-NFT owners 

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NFTStudio24 Podcast Series presents an exclusive interview with Matthieu Brossard, the CEO and Co-founder of Blue Sky Interactive, a Web3 game development studio. In this video, Matthieu discusses his journey to Web3, introduction to the company, and a possible release date of his upcoming game, Last Resort.

As a Blockchain Game Alliance member, he has been actively building in the Web3 space for many years. Mattieu has been in the game development industry for over 10 years. He worked as a producer-director at Gameloft before starting his own company with his teammate. Mattieu also owns various NFTs including Cryptokitties, Axies, Cross the Ages cards, and many more. 

Matthieu’s Web3 Journey: From Following CryptoKitties to Building His Own Studio

When asked about his journey, Matthieu shared that he has been following the market since 2017. 

This is the time when Cryptokitties became the first use-case for implementing gaming mechanics and crypto assets. The revolutionary combination of fungible and non-fungible tokens along with the growing application of smart contracts intrigued Matthieu to explore this space further. 

He wanted to explore the “new retention and monetization mechanics” for a cross-platform game with his team, currently at Blue Sky Interactive. In fact, his vision with his studio is all about open economies and community economics. 

Last Resort: Blue Sky Interactive’s Latest Project

Provided by Blue Sky Interactive

Last Resort is a new survival MMO multiplayer game project developed by Matthieu and his team. According to him, this is the first title and the platform is built on a vision of a decentralized economy. 

The game is a cross-platform that employs Web3 mechanics, tokenomics, and blockchain interface. Its Freemium model allows players to explore the fantasy storyline and also the Web3 components. 

“For example, you can have direct contact between the players. You can have guild landing, You can have player-owned shops,” Matthieu explained. 

This means that the Crafting which is necessary to progress in the game, initially, runs on a Central Command by the team. But later, it becomes decentralized to the player. 

Updates on Last Resort: Release Date, Pre-Alpha Version & Free Mint Event

When asked about Last Resort’s release date, CEO Matthieu said, “We plan to release the game about a year from now. However, there will be many events happening in between, with the first one coming up this month.”

He also shared that the first event will be a game-first approach by introducing the “Pre-Alpha” version of Last Resort. The company already shared sneak peeks of the prototype in June on their social platforms. 

This month, the team will be unveiling the first free mint event. During this event, people will get to explore the mechanics by playing the game that Matthieu and his team have been building for the past months.

“The goal is for us to show how serious we are on building this game.”

The Free Mint event will select its first Survivors who complete the mission. The gamers will be allowed access to the game, they will enter the city to fulfill the given mission. Once they’re done, the winners will receive a special ‘Redeem Code’ to claim a free NFT. 

How to Register for Last Resort Pre-event?

Matthieu shared that all the information to enter the event is shared on the official Twitter page and other social media platforms. The company will also distribute on Elixir and Ultra, so players can also look into the guidelines from those pages. 

Gamers can also visit to register for the event and also explore the details of the game itself. 

Embark on the Last Resort Adventure: A Web3 Survival Game 

Last Resort’s survival genre is an evergreen genre. It is built on a unique storyline and employs Web3 mechanics, which sets it apart from many games out there. The gameplay itself is multiplayer and collaborative. It is a metagame with a whole city where players can meet other players and NPCs.

“We let players be the actors in the metagame by becoming landowners or business owners.” 

Furthermore, it is cross-platform, meaning people can join either through a PC or using the mobile app. Everyone can join the game for free without any wallet required because it follows the Freemium model. 

According to CEO Matthieu, Last Resort is quite easy to pick up and the free-to-play mechanics gives players an opportunity to enjoy the game without any worries. 

Later, if they build interest and see the authenticity of the same, they can buy NFTs and in-game tokens to improve their gaming experience. 

Blue Sky Interactive’s Strategy to onboard new non-Web3 users

“We want to cover both populations (Web3 and non-Web3 users) in this game,” Matthieu said.

Since he has almost 10 years of experience in building games, he and his team have applied the same ideas as the traditional games with blockchain interface combined. 

The team has integrated a soft ramp with Immutable ZKVM, which they call “Passport.” This technology allows players to create a non-custodial wallet using their accounts such as Google or Facebook. 

This will not only help to onboard the paid players but also motivate people to accept NFT ownership without any complications. 

The Freemium model is also very down-to-earth, meaning that players can simply buy VIP Pass or a Season Pass while also exploring the NFTs, currencies, and Web3 economy in the same game. 

Last Resort is built on two main monetization models that cater to all kinds of players. Matthieu explains these two aspects of the game in detail in the interview. 

“Our main focus, ultimately, is to have non-NFT owners interact with NFT owners so they can see the value in investing in NFTs.”

Giving Accessibility to Players

Matthieu believes that the accessibility of the game to the players determines its success. His experience in Web3 games has brought him to the conclusion that if players can easily pick up the mechanics of the gameplay then the team behind it can take it as an achievement. 

Since Web3 is quite a new technology for players, a lot of people struggle to get used to the mechanics. A complicated model can drive gamers away while easy-to-use yet unique gameplay can bring more people in. 

Caption: Last Resort in-game characters

“If someone wants to explore NFTs and invest, then we need to make that process as smooth as possible,” he said. 

Last Resort gives the open choice to players on whether they wish to buy NFTs or just play them for free. He believes giving them time to explore the gameplay is better than forcing them to buy something they might not be interested in initially. 

CEO Matthieu shares that the game has a “Law Support” which means that the story of the game should support the mechanics that you are introducing, naturally. This allows players to experiment with NFT ownership. 

Pursuing a Career in Web3 Game Development

Matthieu shares that Web3 game development has the same three verticals as traditional games, namely: Game Design, Art, and Development. All the Double-A and AAA games have been built in the same way.

He highlights two new main specialties in Web3 for development. The first is developers who understand Smart Contracts along with other languages. This can allow them to develop smart contracts for Web3 titles. 

The second is in game design. Economy designers already know how to work on free-to-play. Now, there’s a demand for Web3 economy designers who should know about tokenomics, flows, and monitoring the ecosystem.

Advice for Web3 Gaming Startups looking for investment

Matthieu shares his experience with gaining investors for his game. According to him, having a strong product vision is quite important when approaching VCs or independent investors. 

A developer’s ability to explain their product, choices, and vision needs to be clear and concise. “Try to deliver as much as possible on that vision ahead of meetings,” Matthieu observes that a lot of VCs show interest in initial prototypes.

This gives them an idea of how their funds will be used and whether the game has the capability to be successful. 

“You need to have a strong plan with a talented team so you can show them your idea, what your idea looks like by showing a little part already in action, and how you will move forward with the little product you present in the future.”

Message to Developers

Matthieu shares his message to developers:

“Building happens during bear markets, building doesn’t happen during the mania phase; it’s too late. Today is definitely a bear market. It doesn’t feel great, but it’s definitely when you build. If you’re building today, you’re on time.”


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