Launch of Asia Web3 Alliance Japan to Drive Web3 Adoption Across the Globe, Announces New Board Members

Hinza Asif
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Asia Web3 Alliance Japan (AWAJ)

Japan, Nov. 1, 2023 – Asia Web3 Alliance Japan (AWAJ) announces its official launch, welcoming a new era of Web3 innovation, collaboration, and investment. The new alliance headquartered in Japan aims to become a comprehensive space to connect with 47+ countries and Blockchain talents from all over the world to Asian markets and Japan. 

AWAJ, under the leadership of CEO Hinza Asif, will be led by ten Appointed Board Members and one Advisory Member: Sandy Carter, Luke Soon, David Palmer, Jamie Kingsley, CA Aishwary Gupta, Nicole Chan, Brian McGleenon, Morten Rongaard, Leo Mizuhara, Taketo Nakanishi and Yuma Tanimoto

What is Asia Web3 Alliance Japan (AWAJ)?


Asia Web3 Alliance Japan (AWAJ) is a platform focused on contributing to the development and adoption of blockchain technology by connecting the Web3 ecosystem of Asia with the dynamic business landscape of Japan. The alliance is built on three main principles: Ethical Innovation, Collaboration, and Inclusivity. 

This platform works as a strategic partner for members to bridge the gap between Asian and Japanese markets. Members from all over the globe are welcome to join to provide their expertise and benefit from the opportunities provided. 

This includes: exploring cross-border synergies, supporting market entry, advocating and policymaking, and facilitating connections with stakeholders. 

AWAJ’s Board Members are talented experts, professionals, and executives who share the same vision. Each Board member will contribute to meeting the goals of AWAJ to drive Web3 adoption and open business opportunities for everyone around the world with Japan and Asia markets. 
The association is built upon 16 subcommittees. Each subcommittee will contain members relevant to their focused field within the Web3 industry. The members will be announced soon in the coming months.

How do Board Members contribute to Asia Web3 Alliance Japan? 

The Association is divided into two categories: International and Japanese members. The vision behind this alliance is to highlight the foreigners who wish to participate and build in the dynamic market of Japan. 

Hashnote CEO Leo Mizuhara and CROSSTECH Cofounder Taketo Nakanishi will be representing the Japanese market in the global industry.

Leo Mizuhara

On the launch of AWAJ, Leo says: “As a Japanese citizen and proponent of blockchain technology, I hope to support Japan’s emerging as the dominant Asian force in Web3 in much the same way it was so dominant for years in both electronics and finance.”

Taketo Nakanishi

Mr. Taketo has extensive experience working in the international market. He has visited many countries and collaborated with governments, companies, and organizations to provide blockchain solutions. Both Leo and him are going to the extent where no usual Japanese investor or builder has ever gone.  


Sandy Carter, VP of Unstoppable Domains, represents the international market. She has worked with various organizations to promote the concept of digital identity rights across the globe. As a member of AWAJ, Sandy aims to educate and present the use cases of digital identity by working with stakeholders. 


Morten Rongaard, CEO of Reality+, CA Aishwary Gupta, Head of BD Ecosystem in India at Polygon Labs, and David Palmer, Blockchain Lead at Vodafone Business have backgrounds in building businesses on Web3 adoption.

“Bridging Europe and Asia through the power of shared knowledge and insights, we fortify the future of the Web3 alliance, illuminating the path of collaboration and unity,” says Morten. 


“My aim to join the alliance is to foster the growth of Web3 and work closely with the stakeholders to ensure that we grow as an industry,”Aishwary says. 


This new Asia Web3 Alliance is important to bring more awareness to Web3 capabilities for businesses and enterprises across the region, and also to accelerate the convergence of Web3 with Mobile, IoT, and fintech infrastructures to power new digital business operating systems,” says David.


“I’m excited to network and have access to the top minds in Web3. I’m looking forward to really digging into some key thought leadership topics to help educate the market from an insider perspective,” says Jamie Kingsley, COO and Co-founder at The PR Genius, who has worked with different companies, startups, and investors.


Luke Soon, Partner at PwC Singapore, believes AWAJ is a great opportunity for investing in the Human Experience (HX) underpinned by the trust to solve for a better future for humanity (and AI) in the Experience Economy and exponential age.

The rest of the members are high-class board members of different organizations contributing to blockchain adoption. With AWAJ, they will be bringing their expertise in policymaking and expanding into the Asia market. 

asia web3 alliance japan banner

Future Plans of AWAJ

Japan’s business-friendly environment and proactivity towards emerging technologies on blockchain, make it one of the leading blockchain hubs in the world today. Furthermore, Asia has big opportunities for businesses to expand and grow. 

However, there’s still a gap for the international community that wishes to enter the Japanese market. AWAJ will be playing an important role in overcoming, representing, and offering solutions through a collaborative stance with its board members. 

Collaborations with government agencies, embassies, and organizations along with additional board members will be released soon. 

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