TOKEN2049: Singapore Sparks Bullish Sentiment, NFTStudio24 Concludes its Successful Trip

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TOKEN2049 is all about being bullish and celebrating the achievements of the Web3 industry. The two-day event brought together around 10,000 attendees from all around the world, and Singapore was ready to welcome them!

NFTStudio24 along with CEO Hinza Asif attended TOKEN2049 as a media partner. From ASTAR x Polygon partnership, F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo and Snowboarder Scotty James as OKX ambassadors spotlight, to an epic after party, Singapore lit up the Web3 market, leaving everyone with a bullish sentiment.


Singapore: A vibrant welcoming Web3 market

To introduce Singapore to a Web3 enthusiast is like showing them the future of the world. Like Japan, this country has vastly adopted blockchain technology in its infrastructure while maintaining an open-minded regulatory framework.

Yat Siu, in an interview with NFTStudio24, shares positive sentiment for the Asian market, mentioning Singapore.

Crypto Analyst Scott Melker says TOKEN2049 is twice as big as last year. The conference was fully packed, which has been unlikely in any other event.

Salama Belghali, Global Head Business Development at BitMEX, in a conversation with the team, said TOKEN2049 is one of the most vibrant congregations of the Web3 community to date.

With Singapore taking the spotlight, here are some highlights and exclusive coverage from NFTStudio24:

Animoca Brands’ Yat Siu says Clarity and Sharing Benefits can drive Web3 adoption

NFTStudio24 had the opportunity to interview Yat Siu, the mastermind behind Animoca Brands. Siu observes the excitement buzz around TOKEN2049.

“They don’t care about what’s happening right now. They only care about what they’re building. And that is both exhilarating and very helpful,” he said.

Siu believes educating the masses about Web3 in terms of its benefits is much better than simply focusing on the differences.

While talking about Animoca’s recent investment in Mocaverse with Hinza, an NFT membership project, Siu shares the company aims to promote digital property rights and DAO solutions.

Luca Netz on building IP for Pudgy Penguins

Luca Schnetzler, CEO of Pudgy Penguins sat with CEO Hinza to discuss how he is building on IP for Pudgy Penguins.

  • Unlike other NFT projects, Luca and his team are focused on the sustainability of the project by introducing toys, content, and other activities that could contribute to its growth.
  • The recent Pudgy Toys drop was a huge success, accumulating around $10M in growth for the collection. 
  • When it comes to IPs, Luca expresses his excitement about the immense potential of Japan, renowned for having some of the world’s most valuable intellectual properties.

ASTAR x Polygon: Sota and Sandeep join hands for the “ASTAR zkEVM” Scaling Solution

A huge announcement took headlines from TOKEN2049. During his session, ASTAR Founder Sota Watanabe announced a partnership with Polygon Labs to launch “ASTAR zkEVM.” It is an Ethereum Layer 2 Scaling Solution powered by Polygon CDK (Polygon Chain Development Kit) which is based on zero-knowledge proof (zkp).

In an interview with NFTStudio24, Sota said, “We’re ready to expand our ecosystem and become the top network.”

Startle Labs, the company behind ASTAR Network, also announced a partnership with SONY. Sota shared that together with SONY, they will be building a blockchain to allow users and companies to utilize Web3 tools in their infrastructures.

OKX drives attention with Daniel and Scott’s appearance

Probably one of the biggest highlights from TOKEN2049 was the appearance of the famous F1 Driver Daniel Ricciardo and Olympic Snowboarder Scotty James as OKX ambassadors. The crowd buzzed with excitement as the two mingled with the community along with Haider Rafique, CMO of OKX.

Daniel and Scott had a speaking session with Haider where they expressed their enthusiasm for exploring Web3 technologies.

TOKEN2049 Side Events and Network

TOKEN2049 Side Events
TOKEN2049 Side Events

The two-day event didn’t end with just speaking sessions, instead, there were dozens of side events, giving attendees opportunities to explore more. CEO Hinza visited many side events in Singapore.

Web3 GameWave by Oasys Game and AWS

NFTStudio24 attended the Web3 Gamewave hackathon to explore what builders and developers are building in the space. The event closed with 6 winners for having the most unique projects.

BGA GameFi builders night

Blockchain Game Alliance also hosted BGA GameFi Builders Night to gather the community from all over the world. The attendees discussed current Web3 gaming trends and also shared their experiences with the industry.

Other side events include Web3 Asia Neon Night, Investors Night with UOB Venture & Signum Capital, OKX Ventures Global Horizon, Accelerating Decentralized Infrastructure” Presented by ByteTrade Lab x Consenys x MetaMask Institutional, and many more.

Team NFTStudio24 had the chance to meet Yuga Labs CEO Daniel Alegre, MakerDAO Founder Rune Christensen, Andrew Vranjes from Blockdaemon, Tyler Adams from Neo, and many more.

Final Words

TOKEN2049 showcased a perfect representation of the Web3 industry and how it’s growing. “Singapore is a vibrant market for Web3,” Hinza said. “Since I have personally experienced the Japanese market myself, the Singaporean market was quite unique in its charm. It really opened up my mind to new possibilities and opportunities in Web3, especially through TOKEN2049.”

Singapore has not only broadened perspectives but has also ignited a sense of excitement and anticipation among its attendees. It is also a living example of how proper regulatory compliances and the government’s open-mindedness to business and startups drive Web3 developments.

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NFTStudio24 is Japan's first media platform dedicated on reporting the latest news and insights in Web3, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Metaverse, NFTs, and Decentralization.
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