Interview with Agastya Samat: Transforming Healthcare with Universal Health Token

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We interviewed Agastya Samat, director of force of good foundation at Universal Health Token from Mumbai. 

Maintain health and earn rewards? This is a new concept that aims to incentivize the healthcare industry. The project is also supported by Animoca brands.

In this interview, we asked Agastya how UHT works and how this project connects with healthcare companies like GOQII. We also discussed his experience in the web3 global and Japanese investor market along with the partnership with Animoca brands. Agastya also shared his background in the web3 space, his experiences at TOKEN2049, and the potential for future  developments in the cryptocurrency market.

universe health token

About Universal Health Token

In the Web 3.0 era, the force of good foundation pioneers preventive healthcare. Data-driven, digital, and personalized, it transforms wellness into a rewarding journey. With the Universal Health Token (UHT), it incentivizes positive health behaviors, ushering in a new era of well-being. Together, they’re creating a healthier world.

universal health token
Universal Health Token
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