An Exclusive Interview with Mable Jiang from Find Satoshi Lab at TOKEN2049

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We’re excited to share our latest exclusive interview with Mable Jiang from Satoshi Lab at TOKEN2049.

In this engaging interview, Mable Jiang, Chief Revenue Officer at Fine Satoshi Lab, discusses her remarkable journey in the Web3 space, beginning as an investor in 2018 and eventually becoming a driving force behind innovative projects like StepN, an NFT Marketplace, and Gas Hero, an upcoming strategy game. 

Mable champions StepN’s unique appeal in Japan, promoting fitness and community. She delves into the challenges of partnering with Japanese firms, government support for global projects, and the vital role of transparency and community engagement in Web3’s dynamic future.

Web3 and Health and gain valuable insights from Mabel

In this engaging conversation, we explore the Future of Web3 and Health and gain valuable insights from Mable expertise.

About Satoshi Lab

Find Satoshi Lab (FSL) is a rapidly growing web3 product development studio, dedicated to creating user-centric web3 products that enhance everyday life. Our mission is to propel the global shift toward web3 technology.

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