Jawad Ashraf

Jawad Ashraf

CEO/Co-founder Virtua

Jawad Ashraf is a well-accomplished technical specialist and entrepreneur who has been working in the field of innovative technology for over 30 years. His interest in VR and PC games landed him to explore the metaverse, and now he’s the CEO/co-founder of a metaverse platform network called Virtua.

Virtua is an all-in-one NFT ecosystem built on Cardano blockchain that showcases the true essence of virtual reality in gaming, socializing, and creativity through digital collectibles and blockchain technology.

Founded in 2017, it is a marketplace for fans to collect NFTs and interact with them. As the CEO of Virtua, Jawad aims to build his company that follows a trinity foundation: metaverse, NFTs, and a gaming studio.

Currently, Virtua has a market cap of around $30M and is likely to expand as metaverse enters into the real world.

Area of Expertise : CEO/Co-founder