Ovie Faruq

Ovie Faruq OSF

Artist of Rektguy NFT

Ovie Faruq OSF, the artist behind rektguy, sat down with NFTStudio24 to talk about his professional journey from TradFi to NFT space, art inspirations, future aspirations, and crypto predictions.

OSF reimagines the real world in an alternate universe where every day has a different side and nightlife is a dystopian scenery. Incorporating real-world routines into an alternate reality where everything exists in glitch art, neon colors, dark sceneries, and skull-like figures, OSF introduces a unique and futuristic look to city life.

OSF is a well-known digital artist who has been involved with NFT/Web3 world as an investor for a long time. He began his career by launching his first-ever NFT project with his partner Mike Anderson called Degenz, featuring unique characters inspired by crypto meme culture.

From TradiFi to becoming an NFT creator

OSF started off his career as a trader in a traditional investment bank. He worked there for almost 10 years and experienced the rise and fall of financial markets which gave him an insight into trading.

In January 2021, OSF came across the world of crypto and decentralized finance.

As a trader, OSF found himself deeply interested in crypto, NFTs, and Web3 in general. “It just hit many different passions for me and it was a much more interesting market than traditional finance.”

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