“How Strong Web3 Communities Drive Project Sustainability” | Expert Interview

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Web3 is about building communities to help projects grow and expand organically. This podcast interview with NFTStudio24’s host Andrea Ocampo, BGA member Illan Knafou and CEO Dhivya Daniel is a deep dive into exploring the Web3 ecosystems and the secret to community-building in Web3. 

Human Divergence is a GameFi project founded and headed by Illan Knafou that aims to go “Beyond the Game.” The game is highly centered around community-building to maintain the decentralized structure.

Along with community-building, Dhivya Daniel believes educating and marketing the games to the target audience requires well-designed strategies. As the CEO of the MetaWise marketing agency, she shares her experience working with different Metaverse and Web3 projects.  

Introducing Human Divergence: A Revolution to Gaming World

Illan describes Human Divergence as a revolution to the traditional gaming world. During the podcast interview, he shared the background and inspirations to build this blockchain-mobile-based dystopian future game.

When it comes to involving the community, Human Divergence’s gameplay is designed co-creatively through collaborative manga and universe experiences. “We aim to allow our users to play beyond the game, making them the actors of their own gaming journey.”

human divergence
Human Divergence

Illan further explains that there are five factions. Each has its own unique world, abilities, background, traits, and even its own engaged community. The team wanted to familiarize the universe through co-creatives, so they launched initially totally free on the blockchain. 

By having a wide range of abilities, traits, and backgrounds, the players can build a unique game story of their own. According to Illan, the characters in the game are minted as NFTs that hold value in the marketplace.

So, if someone gets a character and develops it by equipping high-quality weapons, skins, and other abilities, they can enjoy the gaming experience and also hold something that has IRL utilities.  

Web3 Marketing with MetaWise 

Dhviya is a professional Web3 marketer who has been working in the industry for many years. Seeing the growing global market of blockchain technology, MetaWise, under the leadership of Dhivya, emerged as a marketing solution provider to launch products/ services through proper strategies. 

metavise 1
metavise 1

When asked about the difference between Web3 and traditional marketing, Dhivya highlights the aspect of community-building and building a loyal user base. This newly emerging DeFi market is very involved by involving in projects. After all, the blockchain itself is decentralized. 

“Web3 marketing often involves tokenization where digital tokens are used to incentivize users to participate in the community and perform specific actions. This incentivization model is unique to Web3 marketing and not found in traditional marketing,” Dihvya explained.

MetaWise specializes in DeFi, NFTs, and Metaverse projects. Dhivya shares that initially her agency was involved with Web2 companies. However, after Web3 took its boom among these companies, her team also decided to experiment with something new by joining the space. “For us, it was a natural progression.”

How Important is a Community to Web3?

Illan discussed the use of a community-based structure for Web3 games. He suggests that this approach aligns with the principles of decentralization and democratization that are fundamental to blockchain technology. He further notes that communities are an essential component of Web3 and are often gamified, as games rely on the participation, engagement, and commitment of players to function effectively. 

Illan further goes on to explain that in a Web3 game like Human Divergence, players can trade in-game assets, collaborate to solve challenges, and participate in the DAO that governs various aspects of the project. All of these activities require a strong community of players who are invested in the game’s ecosystem and committed to its success. He concludes that Web3 is a community-based approach, not just in gamified projects, but in all Web3 projects.

When asked if it has been hard to build a community, Illan replied, “been witnessing the bull market at the beginning of the project so it was really easy to get a lot of people behind the project it was two years ago so we didn’t have to launch a lot of marketing stuff together a lot of people behind the project but now it’s more complicated.” Illan continued to discuss the importance of being relevant in the way we communicate and engage with people, particularly in gamified projects. 

How Is Community Used Before Developing A Game?

Illan explained that the essence of web3 is community power, so he wanted to avoid imposing a narrative around the universe. He also believes that to create a strong IP, they must begin with an interesting story, citing examples like Harry Potter and One Piece. 

Therefore, He started with a collaborative manga that serves as a reference for the universe. Illan uses a DAO system to allow NFT holders to vote on elements of the storyline, which they then integrate into the manga by publishing new chapters every two weeks on their website. 

From this manga, He adapts the story into different formats like the mobile game, which are a spin-off of a character mentioned in the manga. 

How Has Web3 Revolutionized Game Development?

Illan discusses the importance of community-driven game development in the Web 3 industry. He explains that involving the community in the iteration process can help game studios create a better gameplay experience and reduce costs through targeted marketing. He also expresses excitement about the interoperability between different blockchain networks and applications, which allows players to use their in-game assets across multiple games and platforms.

What’s the budget for promoting a startup in the Metaverse?

According to Divya, the budget needed depends on the marketing campaign goals, target audience, and chosen platforms. Cost-effective strategies can be used, such as hosting metaverse events for brand exposure, starting from $5,000. In-game billboard ads can also be a source of income for metaverses. 

What The Metaverse Is Going To Look Like In 2040?

Both Divya and Illan agree that the metaverse will be fully immersive and advanced in technology, with AR, VR, and MR all integrated. It will become more diverse and inclusive, better than the real world, and integral to daily life. People will use virtual reality headsets, motion sensors, and other devices to fully immerse themselves in this digital realm. It will be a place for creativity, socializing, learning, walking, and playing.

Final words

Illan Started by congratulating people who are involved in the rapidly evolving world of NFTs and web3. He emphasizes that this involvement puts them at the forefront of innovation and creativity. It also encourages them to remember the principles of decentralization, transparency, and inclusivity that make this technology so powerful. 

He also suggests using these principles to create a more equitable and accessible world. Finally, he recommended their various projects and thanked the listeners for their support, as they worked together to build the future of web3.

Dhivya concluded her remarks by talking about Web3 space again, which is seen as dynamic and exciting. She encouraged people to be curious and understand the technology, with platforms like NFTStudio24 available to educate and experiment. 

She emphasizes the importance of quality and engaging with the community, while also staying ethical. The overall message is to embrace the innovation and potential of Web3 along with being mindful of ethical considerations.

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