NFTStudio24, a media platform, attends WakuWaku Web5 “Summer Madness!”: An Exciting Representation of Japanese Music and Culture in Web3 

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Tokyo, August 5, 2023 – NFTStudio24, as a media partner, attends the WakuWaku Web5’s fourth edition of the “Natsuri Matsuri” event, titled “Summer Madness!The Future of Web3‼︎ Let’s Explore NFTs, Blockchain, and Future Possibilities!” on August 4, 2023.

The event was organized by the Web3 business community “WakuWaku Web5.”

Exploring Japanese Culture with Web3

With a fusion of Web3 and Japanese Culture, it aimed to promote information exchange and networking among participants interested in the realms of Web3, entertainment, gaming, music, fashion, and more. 

Many Web3 tech companies & projects, Game/Web3-related media, and investors attend the event.

The event’s highlights included: Speaker talk sessions from company representatives, a networking event, and a music performance. 

DJ Stephane K with Grammy-nominee female Rapper COMA-CHI along with DJ Hiroto Harada and Junko Onagi broke the stage with an iconic live performance!

Japanese heritage culture in Web3 can drive adoption: Interviews

Japan is known for its rich cultural heritage portrayed through artworks, games, anime, and other cultural activities. NFTStudio24 talked to a few prominent personalities who are currently building in the Web3 space. 

“Web3 is the future infrastructure of our lives!”

We took an interview with event Speaker Kanda Kiyoto, Senior Consultant at NFTv.Social, who has a strong background in investment. Here’s what he said:

Integrating Web3 in Japanese Craftsmanship

Speaker Hashimura Mai, CEO of Tsukumo-gami and Director of Hinomoto Cultural Foundation, says her organization is trying to promote traditional Japanese craftsmanship through Web3 technology. She wishes to bring craftsmen to the world at Cannes x Traditional Crafts WEB3!

DHLD Lab CEO Daishiro Okada, who attended as a Speaker, also shared about how valuable Japanese craftsmanship/artists’ work is. He believes it’s worth highlighting more, and he likes to support it through Web3 technology. 

Famous female Rapper/Singer COMA-CHI showed her enthusiasm about the event. She sings on web3, blockchain, or DAO, and has a strong passion for Japanese instruments, and she was once nominated for a Grammy award!

Speaker Sachie Takahashi, Japan Communications Manager of Ternoa, and BOUNTY HUNTERS Co-Founder CEO, Kensaku Nakata also expressed their thoughts with NFTStudio24.

Interview of Sachie Takahashi

Interview of Kensaku Nakata

Other Speakers attending the event include: 

Tianyu Yang – CEO of TEAMZ

Mikihiro Nagasaki – CEO/Co-Founder of Stream Art and Culture Co., Ltd.

Masanori Yamazaki – Founder of Japan Vision Institute

Yukie Takahashi – Director of Ternona

Yu Takaya – Uruma City Council Member

Takahiro Oshiro –  CEO of Nannkuru Co., Ltd.

Yoshikazu KaiIn 

Ryutaro Suda – Co-founder of Sake3 Internship

Noroichan – BCG – NFT GAMER

Final Thoughts

Waku Waku Web5 event shows that the cultural and business experts wish to embrace Japanese culture within Web3. Currently, no country is looking to create a dynamic landscape where technology and heritage converge other than Japan. Surely, this can open a path toward limitless creative horizons for creators, artists, and culturalists.

It is evident throughout the history of trends that music, art, and culture are the best ways to bring massive adoption. Blockchain technology is something that not only empowers these creative industries but also establishes their longevity in the world. And Japan understands it well!

news room

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Keep up with latest news and announcements in Web3 world with NFTStudio24, Japan's first media platform built on blockchain technology revolutionizing the age of news and reporting.
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