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Q&A Session with Dean Jeffs
Regarding Polaris Launchpad Hackathon

Our Speakers Introduction

Da Hongfei is the founder of Neo, a community-based blockchain, Onchain brand, and a leader of China’s blockchain industry. He has provided invaluable advisory expertise on blockchain technology to many banks, stockbrokers, and bill exchanges. In 2011, he began to explore blockchain technology applications, becoming a well-known columnist in mainstream blockchain media such as 8BTC and serving as one of the sector’s earliest advocates. Da is involved in the development of the Chinese blockchain standards and the international ISO-TC307 blockchain standard.


Dean Jeffs

Neo News Today

Dean Jeffs is the founder of Neo News Today, a community run website established in 2017 that strives to bring the most up-to-date information to the Neo community on developments, events, and dApps. Dean is part of the community support team working with NGD on Launchpad initiatives.

Q&A Session for Polaris Launchpad Hackathon series for the developer in web3 2022​

Please explain the Polaris Launchpad?

Founder of Neo News Today

Dean Jeffs Says

The Polaris Launchpad is an online event that gives blockchain developers a platform to get acquainted with Neo’s tools and ecosystem, and a path to further incubation and funding. It features workshops, a planathon, a hackathon, and a quadratic funding phase, giving participants multiple opportunities to learn, work on interesting projects, and win prizes. There are a number of development tracks, including not only NFTs, but also DeFi and developer tools. All in all, there is $500,000 in prizes to be won, and opportunities to join Neo’s $200 million dollar Neo EcoBoost program for further incubation.

What is the place of the event? Is it in the metaverse and is your team planning to create the meta-space for the NEO community?

Founder of Neo News Today

Dean Jeffs Says

The Polaris Launchpad takes place online for the efficiency of communication. Participants can talk to each other on Discord or DevPost, but we also have a series of online panel discussions, where we talk about the industry and Neo’s place in it.

If the participant has a good idea but doesn’t have the resources to make it to the next level then what should he do?

Founder of Neo News Today

Dean Jeffs Says

One of the great things about the Polaris Launchpad is that it begins with a Planathon that allows participants to get feedback on their project ideas and win multipliers to increase their potential prizes in the Hackathon. So, you could compete in the Planathon and use that as a starting point, then recruit other members to help build your dApp once you’ve validated your project concept. Of course, you don’t have to do it that way. But either way, participants are welcome to reach out to other participants on the DevPost platform or the Neo Discord at any time. We have experienced Neo blockchain developers, front-end developers, graphic designers, and writers registered for the new hackathon. So if you are ready to collaborate, joining or building a team shouldn’t be a problem.

How was your 1st Hackathon experience and what is your expectation level for this hackathon?

Founder of Neo News Today

Dean Jeffs Says

We are very happy with how the first event - the Frontier Launchpad - turned out. We called it “Frontier” for a reason. These were the first developers to build on the new Neo N3 platform. We had a great turnout and seeded some fantastic projects. Some of the alumni of the event include Humswap, TOTHEMOON, RentFuse, and we’re really excited about the future of these projects and others. Now our ecosystem is larger, our tools are more mature, and Polaris has much larger prizes. Our expectations are higher for this event.

We would like to know the ideas and perspectives from Da Hongfei, founder of the Neo Foundation about Web3?

Founder of Neo

Da Hongfei Says

Web3 co-exists with and adds to the capabilities of Web1 and Web2. With Web1, in the early days of the internet, the internet’s application was mostly at the website level. Content flowed only from the creator to the consumer. Later, with Web2, users could also create content—resulting in more of a marketplace with a two-way flow. But Web2 also created market monopolies. Now cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and decentralization ideology have led the way for Web3. Web 3 is a technological innovation at the protocol level. More distributed, inclusive applications can be built on top of the new Web3 protocols. So, beyond being an engine for economic development, Web3 actually promotes human development and self-empowerment. This is a time of rapid growth for Web3, the Metaverse, and NFTs. At Neo, we’ve put tremendous effort into these sectors. Neo N3 is the ideal entry point for developers who want to join the world of Web3 to build a better internet for everyone. We designed the Neo N3 blockchain platform to be the building block for Web3: Neo N3 has the functionalities to connect Web1 and Web2 to the blockchain-based world of Web3. Neo N3 also enables a decentralized governance model. And we’ve invested in fostering a truly global ecosystem with many types of projects–including NFT and GameFi projects and a cross-chain NFT marketplace, among others.

NEO wallet supports the eth and Solana NFTs?

Founder of Neo News Today

Dean Jeffs Says

There are many wallets that provide support for Neo assets. It is up to each individual wallet provider in regards to which additional chains they support.

Polaris Launchpad Hackathon
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