BlockchainUNN Emerges Top Stamp Collecting Community

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BlockchainUNN is pleased to announce that it has topped the Panvala league stamp collecting communities this quarter, receiving over $9000 worth of PAN tokens in community support. 


This achievement testifies to the strength and commitment of our active community in supporting our vision to be the best campus Blockchain community in Africa with members contributing positively to the Blockchain ecosystem, and the growth of Nigeria and Africa at large thereby creating a more decentralized and equitable world.

The BlockchainUNN community is made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds who share a common goal of advancing the adoption of blockchain technology. Our community is driven by a passion for innovation, transparency, and decentralization.

Through our various initiatives, we aim to educate and develop community members ( students and lecturers) of the University of Nigeria, on different facets and applications of Blockchain technology. Thus, creating an ecosystem that promotes the adoption of blockchain technology by individuals and organizations, regardless of their size or location.

Panvala is a platform that helps communities to thrive and fund the causes they care about.

Panvala works for communities by redirecting marketing dollars away from Google and FB, and into the treasuries of the communities you care about. It is kind of revolutionary. 

Through the Panvala stamps, communities receive funding to execute projects and initiatives they care about. The amount of funding a community receives depends on the number of stamps its members collect. The more it’s community collects, the more funding it receives.

BlockchainUNN expresses its gratitude to the entire community for its unwavering support.

 BlockchainUNN is committed to the continual building of a strong and vibrant community that can leverage Blockchain Technology to effect change in society.

For more information on how to get involved with BlockchainUNN and our initiatives, please visit our website or follow us on our social media channels.


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Email: [email protected] 


To learn more about Panvala, kindly visit


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