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Metaverse is quickly expanding as more and more brands and companies join Web3. The professional opportunities within this space are opening new possibilities for people around the world. For designers, the metaverse is the perfect place to build your career. 

Metaverse is basically an important element within Web3 which is expected to surpass the revenue of cryptocurrency or DeFi. In fact, the virtual world is bringing the whole Web3 industry within itself, almost like an all-in-one platform for users. 

The best thing about Web3 and metaverse is that anyone can join in from anywhere in the world without having to move physically. This not only saves time, energy, and money but also diversifies communities worldwide.

According to Citi, the metaverse economy has a revenue potential worth $13 trillion which would eventually bring all the tech players and other field companies into the space. Metaverse is predicted to affect almost every industry because it will completely change the trajectory of daily life and business interactions. 

Overall, Web3 platforms are going to become the next tech giants as they have already hit a record-breaking milestone in the space. Many investors are showing great interest in blockchain-based firms and projects because they hold the potential to pay back better.

Advantages of joining Web3 early

Web3 is a relatively early industry, currently in a development phase, where people are actively building their careers and getting well-paid. 

These days job opportunities in the traditional market are a novice because of huge demand. Furthermore, it is hard for less experienced or newly-graduated students to find good-paying jobs as well.

Metaverse offers an opportunity for people to build their careers and become experts in the field earlier than others. You can find your talent by joining companies, DAOs, and communities, or even starting your own work within the virtual space. 

An analysis from a job agency reports that between April 2020 and April 2022, job opportunities rose by 804% in blockchain technology and NFTs. This data alone shows how massive the career potential lies within Web3. 

The highest demand increased when the pandemic hit and everyone were forced to stay at home. Some people lost jobs, some were paid less, which eventually led them to join metaverse and build their careers in it. Today, the same people are earning three times better than normal employees in the same industry. 

In Metaverse, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have a huge utility because it is obviously virtual space. Campus Technology reports: “the augmented and virtual reality market will grow to more than eight times its current size over the next five years, making it the fastest-growing category among emerging devices, which include wearables and smart home devices.” whereas, IDC firm predicts that the value of AR and VR is most likely to increase to $36.11 billion by 2025.

From directors, filmmakers, designers, ed editors, and artists to developers, programmers, coders, entrepreneurs, and investors, everyone is joining the virtual world because of the career opportunities it brings.

Web 3.0
Web 3.0

Metaverse and Web3 for designers 

Designers are the most diverse professionals who have the talent to transform the metaverse with their creative designs. Fashion designers, graphic designers, creative designers, game designers, and many more have a lot of demand in the metaverse because they have the skill to create something from scratch and monetize it to earn money. 

Various metaverse platforms like The Sandbox or Decentraland offer designers a chance to establish their careers and earn good money without any restrictions or third-party involvement. 

Since the metaverse is highly focused on avatars and virtual buildings, designers can grab this chance to sell their own creations for money. In Web3, NFT companies are looking for designers to help them with creating things.

Here’s how some designers are leading careers in Web3 and metaverse:

  • Product designers are focusing on creating 3D virtual spaces similar to physical spaces such as offices, meeting rooms, and clubs, where people can meet and interact.
  • Artistic designers are creating NFT avatar appearances such as accessories, shoes, clothes, and other tradeable virtual items in virtual worlds that users can buy and own. 
  • Graphic designers are taking their expertise to three-dimensional space for a better presentation and experience
  • Game designers are focusing on creating gaming experiences with a proper ecosystem via blockchain technology for players 
  • Architect designers are designing infrastructures for 3D buildings on virtual LANDS for brands and companies
  • Development designers are creating platforms for users to create their own content

Designers for Web3 education

Another big role that designers play in the Web3 space is to educate users through their designs. We all know new technology can be overwhelming for users and sometimes users give up midway because they simply don’t understand the complex language.

For designers, this is an opportunity to create something which is easy to use and educates people about Web3. Although this is more of a highly professional side, the companies have a huge demand for designers who truly understand and can design virtual items that are simple and user-friendly. 

Future of Metaverse
Future of Metaverse

Final words: Future of Metaverse

A good design means a successful project, and to get a good design, talented designers are needed. The demand for designers for the metaverse is increasingly rising day by day; it is a great opportunity for anyone to build their career and receive recognition for their work in the virtual world.

A research report done by Pew Research Center and Elon University shows that 54% of tech experts believe the metaverse will be more developed and refined by the year 2040. 

“The metaverse will be important for at least half a billion people in 2040 because it is already important for several billion,” said Jon Radoff, CEO of Beamable.

Eric Burger, a former chief officer at White House OSTP said, “The use cases for fully immersive experiences have a small niche that, for economic reasons, is unlikely to grow into a global phenomenon for decades to come.”

Needless to say, Web3 is the future of the internet. Just like Web2, Web3 will become as common and it will slowly integrate into our daily lives. So, if you are looking for career opportunities, metaverse and Web3 can be good places to start. 


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Keep up with latest news and announcements in Web3 world with NFTStudio24, Japan's first media platform built on blockchain technology revolutionizing the age of news and reporting.
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