Cool Cats NFT: A Guide to the Cooltopia ecosystem

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  1. Cool Cats NFT features the Blue Cat as the main character designed by Clon, the cartoonist
  2. According to CryptoSlam, the collection has recorded $376M in sales volume as of January 2023.
  3. NFT holders receive many utilities such as access to Cooltopia, an invitation to the Discord community, airdrops, giveaways, VIP priority for collaborations, and more.
  4. Cool Cats FC Club and Cool Comics are also part of the Cooltopia Universe

Cool Cats NFT are the coolest cats, straight out from Cooltopia to take over the Web3 space. For today’s NFT review, we will be discussing this top-selling cat NFT collection based on the NFTStudio24 rarity ranking. Here’s everything you need to know:

Cool Cats
Cool Cats

Cool Cats was launched in July 2021 and automatically became a massive hit in the NFT marketplaces. The Cats NFT collection ranked #3 just below BAYC and CryptoPunks on the OpenSea ranking chart due to a high trading volume as soon as it dropped. 

Since then, the project has always stayed relevant in the NFT industry having the best artwork and innovative ideas to enhance the whole project by adding exclusive events, games, and a top-secret project!

Enter the world of blue cats in the Cooltopia!

Cool Cats Medium 2
Blue Cat from Medium

The inspiration behind Cool Cats

Cool Cats NFT is based on Blue Cat, a primary character drawn by Colin or Clon “the cartoonist.” Colin spent 10 years creating this cat by putting effort into its line weight, ear height, and whisker length until it was the perfect-looking cat in the world. 

Before the official launch of the cats NFT collection, the Cool Cat was already a big hit on the internet but the creator felt that the blue cat deserved more recognition for its high-quality art. It was called “Blue Cat and the gang” based on a Medium article.

Cool Cats is the evolved version of Blue Cat entering the NFT space with its own community and ecosystem providing a wide range of perks and utility. 

cool cats from opensea
from Opensea

Cool Cats NFT collection

A collection of 9,999 randomly generated PFP avatars on the Ethereum blockchain with around 300,000 options. Each Cat NFT is programmatically made with a unique type of body, hat, face, and features. 

All cats have an attractive feature based on their outfits. The rarest ones are those with the least frequent features picked by NFTStudio24 Rarity Ranking to define their value in the market. Cool Cats NFT are only for cool people to own!

Cool Cats NFT owners receive exclusive benefits from the project including giveaways, NFT claims, raffles, and more. Cat NFT holders can access special events organized by the team.

Cool Cats NFT price

The price range is based on how rare or common the PFP is. Currently, the Cats NFT floor price is at 2.3 ETH, which is around $3,921 with a total trading volume of over 189M on the OpenSea marketplace.

Cool Cats NFT range
NFT range Credit: NFTNOW

Cool Cats features & properties

According to the official website, the Cool NFT is divided into 4 categories ranging between 3 to 10 points:

  • Cool – 1,999 cats have 3 pts and 2,600 have 4 pts
  • Wild – 1,750 cats get 5 pts and 1,250 get 6 pts
  • Classy– 1,000 cats get 7 pts and 750 get 8 pts
  • Exotic – 500 cats get 9 pts, while 150 get 10 pts

To put it simply, holders with Exotic NFTs with 10 pts will receive more benefits than Cool NFTs with 3pts NFT owners. 

However, picking out the best Cat PFP might be hard because of the wide range it offers. This is where rarity ranking comes to the rescue!

How much is Cool Cats NFT worth?

The collection currently ranks #40 among the best NFT collections of all time and has recorded a $375M traded sales volume as of January 2023. The mint price of Cool Cats PFPs was 0.06 ETH, around $150, and only 300 collectibles were sold at first. The team decided to lower the price by $50, which resulted in instant sold out within 8 hours.

The Blue cats in a wide range of accessories, backgrounds, and expressions quickly made its debut into the mainstream community where collectors rushed to snip the best ones. The project saw a sudden rise in NFT prices to 0.66 ETH (around $1,000).

Currently, the floor price of Cool Cats is at 2.3 ETH (~1,400) with a total traded volume of 128,005 ETH (~180M).

NFTStudio24 Rarity Ranking

NFTStudio24 Rarity Ranking Tool is a tool used to rank and score NFTs based on their features and properties. The ranking tool picks out the rarest NFTs from any NFT collection and ranks them to help collectors buy the right one, and creators realize their creation’s worth. 

The collection features 9,999 digital collectibles. These are a lot of PFPs and for a normal person to pick out a rare NFT is nearly impossible. NFTStudio24 ranking tool has ranked it based on its smart technology design. 

NFTStudio24’s top pick!

NFTStudio24 has listed the verified Cool Cats NFT collection on its website. Seeing the highly attractive artwork and perks of owning this NFT project, NFTStudio24 picked out the best-ranking Cat NFT from the collection.

Cool Cats from NFTStudio24

Cool Cat #1490 ranks #1 on NFTStudio24 Ranking System

According to NFTStudio24 Rarity Ranking Tool, Cool Cat #1490 is the highest-ranking NFT from the Cool Cats NFT collection. The rarity tool carefully looked at the cat NFT’s traits to see which one is the rarest of all and ranked it no. 1.

The Cool Cat #1490 NFT is currently at the bid price of 320 ETH ($547k) on OpenSea. It features:

  • Exotic 2 tier
  • Blue cat skin
  • Special Zombie hat
  • Special Zombie shirt
  • Special Zombie face

If you go to, you will rarely find any Cool Cats NFT having the above-mentioned traits, making it the rarest NFT to own right now.

Top 4 Cool Cats NFT by NFTStudio24

After Cool Cat #1490 NFT, there are other Cat NFT picked by NFTStudio24 Rarity Ranking Tool that you can consider buying from the OpenSea marketplace:

Cool Cat 3330
Cool Cat 3330

The second highest ranking cat NFT is Cool Cat #3330:

  • Exotic 2
  • Blue cat skin
  • Robot hat
  • Robot face
  • Robot shirt

The Cool Cat NFT price is 110 ETH ($188k) on OpenSea.

Cool Cat 5635
Cool Cat 5635

The Cool Cat #5635 NFT ranks #3 on NFTStudio24 featuring:

  • Exotic 1
  • TV face no Signal 
  • Blue cat skin
  • White TV head 
  • Sweater & Green chain

The Cool Cat NFT price is 99 ETH ($169k) on OpenSea.

Cool Cat 8624
Cool Cat 8624

Cool Cat #8624 NFT ranks #4 based on its unique features:

  • Exotic 2
  • Blue cat skin
  • Afro Rainbow Unicorn hat
  • Sunglasses squad 
  • Astro orange shirt

The Cool Cat NFT bid price is 83 WETH ($142k) on OpenSea.

Cool Cat 5280
Cool Cat 5280

Cool Cat #5280 NFT ranks #5 on the NFTStudio24 ranking system:

  • Exotic 2
  • Blue cat skin
  • Demon

The Cool Cat NFT price is 80 ETH, which is around $136k, on the Opensea marketplace. 

For further rarity rankings of Cool Cats NFT, visit here.

cool cats nfts
Founders: Clon, Xtremetom, Lynqoid, and Elu.

Cool Cats team

The project was co-founded by Clon, Elu, Xtremetom, and Lynqoid. Clon is the artist behind the blue cat, as mentioned above, while other team members helped in the development of the project.

Additionally, the team comprises expert directors, analysts, developers, and illustrators with many years of experience in different industries. 

Cool Cats Medium

Time x Cool Cats Limited Edition drop

Last year, Cool Cats NFT announced a collaboration with Time Magazine to drop limited edition  NFTs featuring TIME’s cover with four founder Cats. 

According to the Medium article, TIME’s CEO Keith Rossman loves cats and had a great interest in these PFP avatars. There were 400 pieces; 100 pieces for each founder’s cat for people to own. 

Only the holders in the Raffle list were allowed to mint 392 collaborations, the rest of the 8 NFTs were given to the winners from a Meme competition. 

Cool Cats from OpenSea 1

Seeing a huge hype on the internet about Cool Cats NFT during this month might make you wonder, well why is it so popular? Well, the PFP collection was originally a very popular piece even before it was launched because Clon showcased the Blue Cat in various exhibitions and events. 

When the project was launched many celebrities and famous personalities showed interest in the collection.  

In fact, Mike Tyson was the first celebrity to proudly display his Cat NFT as his Twitter PFP. This grabbed a lot of attention not only from the NFT community but also from Tyson’s fans. 

Later, the famous American actress Reese Witherspoon also bought a Cool Cat NFT. Other famous people like Marc Benioff, Steve Aoki, and Alexis Ohanian also owned a Cats NFT.

The collection became exclusive when the team signed a partnership with Creative Artists Agency (CAA) to “create opportunities for Cool Cats characters across an array of areas, including licensing and merchandising, animated content, brand partnerships, live events, publishing, and more.” 

Cool Cats Cooltopia


Cooltopia is the Cool Cats’ ecosystem that includes the OG PFPs, Cool Pets NFT collection, tokenomics with its native token $MILK, the questing system, Cool Shop, marketplace, etc. 

“The world that we’re building is full of imagination and full of just things to explore. It’s going to be more of an experience, rather than just a JPEG,” Clon said in an interview. 

Cooltopia is a proper universe filled with blue cats that connect NFT holders with various aspects of the blockchain world. The team aims to create a perfect gamified NFT experience filled with games, collaborations, tokens, community events, and more. 

Cool Cats Milk from CoinGecko
$Milk from CoinGecko

What is a $MILK token?

$MILK is the tokenomics currency of Cooltopia. Users can use $MILK for Battle chests, Housing chests, Quests, and future gamification. In fact, the whole idea behind Cooltopia with tokenomics is based on the $MILK token.

Currently, the $MILK token trades at $0.000412 based on CoinGecko

Cool Pets NFT
Cool Pets NFT
Cool Pets from OpenSea
Cool Pets from OpenSea

Cool Pets NFT collection

Cool Pets NFT collection is part of the Cooltopia created as a companion for Blue Cats. These pets are similar to Bored Ape Kennel Club, providing a good utility to the NFT holders

Cool Pets NFTs were 19,000 in total. Half of them were reserved for the OG NFT holders, while the other half went out for public sale. Each Pet comes in an egg and evolves to become either of four elements: Grass, Fire, Water, or Air. 

Cool Pets were connected with Cooltopia since they could only be grown after giving them certain digital element items from loot crates on the NFT marketplace. 

Users need to earn $MILK tokens by performing quests with Cool Pet and then buy the items using $MILK from the Cool NFT marketplace. The holders receive $MILK tokens every day, so they can use those to evolve their Cool Pet. 

This is a good example of what Cooltopia is all about. Players play games, go on quests, and perform tasks with their NFTs to earn $MILK tokens as part of the ecosystem.

Cool Cats Roadmap

Roadmap 2022

The team has also released its roadmap for 2022 to inform holders about their various adventures around the world. It recently attended the NFT NYC 2022 where they gathered all the NFT holders and partners to celebrate the development of the project and share the happiness with the community.

The team will follow the roadmap to expand the NFT brand on a global scale and make it an authentic collection competing with the likes of BAYC, CryptoPunks, WoW, and Moonbirds again.

The project is yet to release plans for 2023.


Cool Cats NFT hasn’t had a smooth ride over the year after its launch. It was doing quite well as it ranked in the top 10 NFT collections for a long time until the newly-appointed CEO dropped out of nowhere after three months. 

This news came as a shock to everyone because the team refused to give a clear statement on why the CEO left and what was really going on behind the scenes. No one really expected such a situation because the NFT project was doing quite well with a collaboration with a Hollywood talent agency. 

The news of the CEO leaving resulted in a sudden drop in its floor prices despite being the blue-chip NFT collection. 

Since then, the team went through some drastic changes to pick up again from the bottom. Now, the NFT collection is once again dominating the NFT markets with high trading volume.

Cool Cats FC Club

cool cats
Source: Twitter 

Cool Cats FC is a special FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 season a collection of 4,000 NFTs with OneFootball Labs. Each digital card is a uniquely designed themed cat representing 1 out of 32 countries. 

It’s a fun collectible that evolves and updates based on the tournament-winning teams and the holders enjoy benefits as a result, including autographed merch, OneFootball x Cool Cats Special Edition Jerseys, exclusive IRL experiences, and digital items. 

ccf cool cats

In the end, the top 5 holders of the winning champion team will also receive a grand prize. These special benefits are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a meet-and-greet with the players, a visit to the AC Milan museum and San Siro Stadium of AC Milan, a meeting with the creators of the FC club, a round-trip air ticket and accommodation in a hotel in Milan, and other community events. 

The mint for this NFT collection started on Nov 17-18 for Allowlist members and it was available for public sale on Nov 19. Currently, the collection is sold out. 

Final words

Cool Cats NFT has grown in popularity within a year of its release. In fact, many experts had called it the blue-chip NFT collection when it was first launched. There’s no doubt in saying that the PFP project has a good future ahead.

The team already introduced Cooltopia, which is a proper ecosystem with tokenomics for holders to earn tokens. This aspect makes it better than other projects that only focus on dropping generative NFTs and nothing else.

Additionally, the artist, Clon, is a big name in the art world because of his interactive and creative artwork. According to the cartoonist, Blue Cat is the first NFT collection, and the project will release more characters from the gang soon.

All in all, this PFP collection is a good investment choice for those looking for utility and authenticity among NFT collections. Seeing its steady progress in the NFT market, Cool Cats NFT will definitely rise to the top soon. 


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