What are Lazy Lions NFTs? A Guide to the Prideful PFPs

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  1. Lazy Lions NFTs is a project by Blockchain Media PTY LTD., founded by four friends from Australia
  2. The NFTs are owned by various celebrities including Seth Curry and Jake Paul
  3. Lazy Lions NFT holders get access to the Discord community, Private Island metaverse on The Sandbox, exclusive merch, special airdrops, and priority on whitelists.
  4. So far, the Lazy Lions has released Lazy Cubs, Lazy Bungalows, and Lazy Comics

Lions are the new Kings and Queens of the NFT world. With over $1.5M in sales in the first five hours of launch, Lazy Lions NFT opens a whole new universe with its own island and community, completely separate from the real world.

Here is a complete review of the roaring universe of the majestic PFP avatars.

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What is Lazy Lions NFT?

Lazy Lions NFT is a 10,000 programmatically generated collection with more than 160 traits ranging from manes, clothes, expressions, and more.

The collection was born when the NFT craze brought four friends from Sydney, Australia to create Lazy Lions amidst the pandemic lockdown. Taking inspiration from daily life and lions, the team dropped a uniquely designed PFP collection on 7th August 2021 via the Ethereum blockchain.

What is the success story behind the Lazy Lions?

Growing up amidst the statues and images of Gilgamesh, the team’s obvious choice for their NFT design was inspired by the powerful and majestic animal that holds a sense of pride and dignity across various cultures.

The Lazy Lions integrate the modern world with the jungle to reimagine a universe where lions are rich and own NFTs. They enjoy the luxuries of a private island, roam around the streets, and sleep for 20 hours a day!

Despite being lazy, Lions pride themselves as the Kings and Queens of the virtual world.

Who are the creators of Lazy Lions?

Lazy Lions NFT is a production of Blockchain Media PTY LTD. with founders CEO Ashur, Nine, Anlion, and Nin L. The collection is completely sold out and still trends among the highest-ranking collections on OpenSea thanks to the team’s efforts.

Enter the Jungle: Lazy Lions Private Island

Lazy Lions, Lazy Lions NFT, Lions, Lions NFT, ROARING world
Jungle: The Private Island

Welcome to the ROARING Private Island of Lazy Lions where Kings and Queens reside. In the virtual world, the lions have evolved into a modern age where they enjoy city life on the island.

Lazy Lions Private Island welcomes all the Kings and Queens from all over the world to enjoy the luxuries. With the slogan of Roars over Floors, every King and Queen is equal on Private Island. They enjoy the sea breeze by the cabana bar, go shopping to buy clothes, feel the sun in a hammock, and have a healing day at the spa.

How to enter the Lazy Lions Private Island?

You can enter the virtual Private Island of Lazy Lions by buying NFTs from the OpenSea marketplace. All holders have the freedom to relax and have fun with their fellow Lions within this world and also benefit from the wide range of utilities it offers.

Why should you buy Lazy Lions NFT?

The project has recorded sales of over 1.5 million dollars in the first 5 hours of its drop. It is currently available on OpenSea with a floor price of 0.522 ETH(~$700) and a trading volume of 31,154 ETH (~$43M), at the time of writing.  

The advantages of owning a Lazy Lions NFT include:

  • Access to Private Island Metaverse on The Sandbox
  • Free airdrops of exclusive creations
  • ROARwards in ETH
  • Giveaways
  • Access to Private Discord community
  • VIP access to whitelist for upcoming collections and collaborations
  • Free ROAR tokens giveaway (when launched)
  • Commercial rights for holders
  • Merchandise and more

What are ROARwards and airdrops? 

ROARwards are exclusive rewards and benefits for those who participate in community events and activities.

In terms of exclusive airdrops, the Lazy Lion Holders can get them. Recently, the owners were gifted with a Bungalow airdrop. These Bungalows were Twitter banners for owners to show off their lions. The team also launched The Bungalow dApp where holders could edit their banners by adding other NFTs.

Another 1,500 bungalow collection went for public sale to welcome new members to the private island.

What is the worth of Lazy Lions NFT?

Lazy Lions is home to many well-known names and is one of the prominent communities on Twitter. Furthermore, joining the Discord community is quite beneficial for builders and creators because the server is connected to various networking spaces to work with experts and professionals in the Web3 space.

What is the most expensive Lazy Lions NFT?

Lazy Lions NFT

The most expensive Lazy Lions NFT to sell on the marketplace was #678 for 99 ETH, which was around $298,691 on October 1, 2021. It has a rarity trait of CubLion, which is only 0.01% of the collection.

Who owns Lazy Lions NFT?

Currently, 5.1k lion owners reside on the private island, but the community as a whole is quite large with over 200k members coming in soon.

In the community, you will spot some famous influencers and celebrities such as Jake Paul, John Terry, Seth Curry, Tyrese Haliburton, Josh Hart, Ja Rule, Dez Bryant, and many celebrities, entrepreneurs, and collectors.

The community is highly engaged and interactive.

What is Lazy Cubs NFT?

Lazy Cubs, Lazy Lions NFT
Lazy Cubs NFT

Lazy Cubs are the younger version of Lazy Lions released on May 18, 2022. This NFT collection is the team’s second main collection, beginning a new era of lions with various projects and partnerships incoming.

The team allowed members of Discord and other collaborations to register through the allowlist spots. The Lion holders received a Lazy Drink airdrop of Milk or Juice that they used to mint a Lazy Cub.

Only Allowlist members were to mint Lazy Cubs during the initial drop. However, collectors can now buy Lazy Cubs from the secondary marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is the worth of Lazy Cub NFT?

The Lazy Cubs NFT collection currently has 3,093 owners with a total traded volume of 429 ETH, approx. $1,400 with a floor price of 0.0494 ETH (~$69) on OpenSea.

What is Lazy Comic NFT?

Lazy Comics #1
Lazy Comics #1

Lazy Comic NFT “A Glitch In Time” is a new addition to the Lazy Lions World. It is a comic book that broadens the storyline of Private Island by unleashing the back story of Glitch who is the “evil antagonist” here to cause trouble for all.

The NFT was sold only to holders who owned the complete set of 3 Lazy Lions: the LL NFT, Lazy Cub, and Lazy Bangalow with a two-week period of the claim through the dApp.

All individual holders could view the comic book for 2 weeks after that only the owners could see it.

Lazy Lions Collaborations

2022 was a year of partnerships and collaborations with various brands and startups in Web3 and the traditional market.

Stan Wawrinka partnership

The famous tennis player Stan Wawrinka partnered with the team for his Ballman NFT collection where the holders got exclusive whitelist spots and 2 autographed racquets signed by Stan himself.

Sacramento Kings

In partnership with NBA, the project dropped a limited edition of the Laidback Lion collection featuring 20 collectibles of the team’s mascot, Slamson, and 80 unique avatars including a gold lion. Additionally, the holders also got membership access to The Jungle.

Lazy Series Merch

Lazy Series Merch was dropped in September 2022 that included 9 bold apparel items, hoodies, t-shirts, beanies, and more. The merchandise sold out within 5 minutes and 20 minutes of the drop.

Phygitals with Uniqly

Lazy Lions jumped the bandwagon of phygital NFTs in collaboration with Uniqly. The owner got an exclusive t-shirt with Lazy Lions, Cubs, and Bangalow printed on them as its NFT counterpart.

Lazy Lions Metaverse on The Sandbox

Lazy Lions bought a 3×3 plot in The Sandbox to build the Private Island. The Metaverse platform enabled holders to enjoy the virtual experience with their PFP avatars.

Born Free Foundation: An IRL experience

The Lazy Lion team has introduced a brand-new project for the well-being of its inspired animals. Lion holders can now receive a personal experience to see lions by visiting the Shamwari Private Game Reserve in South Africa.

The Lazy Lions team partnered with Born Free Foundation to sponsor two lions, Angela and Louga, in their natural habitat. As a sign of gratitude and appreciation to the Lazy Lion community, all holders will receive a VIP treatment to visit their big-cat sanctuary in Eastern Cape, South Africa holding other lions and leopards in their natural habitat

There are no shortlists or selected member criteria, all lion holders can register for this event and visit the Shamwari Private Game Reserve. If you are a lion holder, don’t miss out on the VIP protocol by applying through the website.

What is the future of Lazy Lions NFT?

Lazy Lion NFT, Lazy Lions, Lazy Lions NFT, Lions, Lions NFT, ROARING world

Lazy Lions has worked with various organizations and more partnerships coming up in the near future, especially with Chainlinks and Coinbase.

With the slogan of The Bigger the Jungle, the Bigger the Kingdom, the Lazy Lions community is committed to empowering the entire Web3 and NFT world through its metaverse.

The project has completed its roadmap for 2022 and will soon reveal its plans for 2023.

Important points to note:

  • Lazy Lions are slowly taking over the world by storm. By showcasing its Powerful and Pride-worthy concept, Lazy Lions is bound to draw even more investors in the coming years.
  • Lazy Lions has recorded 94M USD of total trading volume with around 190k Discord members.
  • The community comprises many high-profile celebrities and the holders can interact at a global level.
  • The members have the right to voice their opinion through a formalized voting system.
  • Participate in AMAs with the dev team so that every member is involved with the project development.
  • Lazy Lions gives commercial rights to owners. Anyone with a Lazy Lion or Bangalow NFT can use their NFT for merchandising or physical print. This is definitely a plus point.


Q1. How many Lion NFTs are there?
A. There are 10,000 NFTs in the Lazy Lions collection built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Q2. Why should I buy Lazy Lions NFT?
A. Lazy Lions NFT has a wide range of utilities including a metaverse project. Furthermore, the worth of this PFP avatar has never dropped because it has promising background and planning.

Q3. How much is Lazy Lions NFT worth?
A. The worth of each NFT varies based on the floor price, rarity trait, popularity, and history of ownership. See the collection on OpenSea to determine its definite price

Q4. How do I get the Lazy Lions NFT?
A. You can buy Lazy Lions NFT from OpenSea or Rarible.

Q5. Who owns Lazy NFT?
A. Jake Paul, Seth Curry, Tyrese Haliburton, Josh Hart, Ja Rule, Dez Bryant, and many celebrities, entrepreneurs, and collectors own Lazy Lions.

Q6. Is Lazy Lions a good NFT?
A. Although Lay Lions doesn’t come under the blue-chip NFTs, it is quite popular. Lazy Lions has a proper roadmap that shows it is progressive and has future utility for HODLers.

Q7. What is a Lazy Bungalow?
A. A Lazy Bungalow was an airdrop exclusively given to Lazy Lions NFT holders in their crypto wallets for HODLing the avatars.

Q8. What is “The Private Island”?
A. The Private Island is a metaverse on The Sandbox Lazy Lions where Kings and Queens reside.


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