Many individuals find that purchasing and exchanging non-fungible tokens has become the new normal. If you’re inquisitive like me, you might be asking how non-financial transactions (NFTs) are recorded and confirmed. Having your collection verified boosts your chances of making more sales. Read on to find out what the prerequisites are for obtaining a verification badge on NFT STUDIO24.

PRICE $ 250 Per Collection

3 Ways to Verify your collection

Option 1-Free

Verification through OpenSea:

NFTStudio24 is legally authorized to collect data from to verify your NFT collection on its own website. If your account records over 1000 ETH volume trade on the OpenSea marketplace, NFTStudio24 will automatically verify your NFT collection on its website.

Option 2-Free

Partnership deal with NFTStudio24

NFTStudio24 offers Free verification to your NFT collection through a partnership. Place our clickable logo on your official website homepage or partners section that redirects buyers to your collection on and reply to this email for Proof of Placement with a screenshot. Our support team will verify your NFT collection on our website.

Option 3-Paid

Paid Verification

NFTStudio24 charges $250 to verify your NFT collection once you meet our minimum requirements, i.e. email configured, profile picture, banner, and agree to our terms & conditions. Apply through the official website and our support team will review your collection for verification.

What is NFT collection verification by NFTStudio24?

The NFTStudio24 verification procedure simplifies the process of determining whether or not the creator address of an asset is genuine. When selling on the secondary market, this is especially beneficial since it gives buyers the assurance that the assets they’re purchasing are genuine and not forgeries, impersonations, or maliciously generated assets by the seller.

NFT collections which are verified by NFTStudio24 have a ‘verified’ button next to their names to indicate that they have been verified. Collections bearing this mark have been independently verified as genuine and in great demand or otherwise noteworthy.

Creating an exact clone of the BAYC collection and claiming to be a member of the BAYC team does not qualify as legitimate misrepresentation of other collections or collections that are about to become collections with the objective of deceiving people for their personal benefit.

A collection is considered as high-volume or validated by an automated system if it has achieved 1000 ETH or more in total all-time volume on NFTStudio24's or 1000 ETH or more across the NFT marketplace ecosystem (excluding private sales).

If a collection is significant for being closely associated with a high-profile public individual or group or for being culturally crucial in some way, it’s known as a notable collection. Please keep in mind that a collection that has been confirmed on NFT Studio24 does not imply a recommendation to purchase an item from the collection.

Some List of Verified NFT collections

PRICE $ 250 Per Collection

Okay, so maybe you’re confused about why you would genuinely want to track or verify an NFT. That being said, it’s crucial to understand precisely why you may want to maintain track of your most recent NFT transactions.

Tracking and confirming an NFT transaction assures that the token you purchased, sold, or swapped is legitimate. Additionally, it allows you to check that the transaction has been completed correctly, delivered to the correct location, and for the agreed-upon cost. Here are some more reasons you may want to go over your token’s transaction:

Marketing That Gets Results!

The main reason is to make it easier to find the genuine version of the collection you’re looking for. Scammers make fake versions of collections to trick people, so NFT Studio24's verification mark helps avoid them.

Increased Credibility.

Receiving verification for your NFT art Collection sends a message to your investors or buyers that they may place their trust in the quality of your collection. It also separates your artwork from that of others who have the same name, and it lends credibility to your collection when compared to that of competitors who have not verified theirs.

Improved Search Footprint.

Once your collection is verified, it helps a great deal to enhance your digital footprints because of that ‘verified button’ with your collection. Facebook and Instagram's algorithms will consistently rank you at the top of search results, regardless of your actions.

Social Media Sharing

With a better search presence, it will be easier for people to find your NFT Collection on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others, increasing your number of followers and interacting with your content.

Higher Conversion Rate

The NFTStudio24 verification mechanism facilitates establishing an asset's author address. This is particularly useful when selling on the secondary market since it ensures purchasers that the assets they're buying are legitimate and not forgeries, impersonations, or maliciously manufactured assets.

“Verified” Button

Last but not least, you will get a verified button at your collection to stand it out amongst the crowd and let everyone in the digital world know that your collection is authentic and verified.

Why does NFTStudio24 offer NFT collection verification?

The primary purpose of offering NFT collection verification services to NFTs owners is to make it easier to locate the authentic version of the collection you’re searching for when you’re looking for it. Scammers create fake copies of collections in order to deceive unsuspecting customers; thus, the verification mark on NFTStudio24’s products helps to prevent them.

Some collection sites such as BOONJIPROJECT and COOL-CATS-NFT, are for assets that have been created by you and are not fake, imitation, or malicious.