Top Best-selling NFT Marketplaces in 2022

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Are you an art enthusiast? And, you might have heard of NFTs or crypto tokens. Digital art marketplaces which are incorporating NFTs have gain immense popularity throughout the last two years. We get to see some huge NFT marketplaces into general public. 



Here are the best NFT marketplaces that you should know about in 2022.



Before heading on to any valid marketplace, make a clear choice about the type of digital art you want to buy or collect.


Remember! NFTs allows you to collect your favorite art pieces. Whether it’s illustration, video content, or written content. You have to be clear about your choice.



Which NFT marketplace You Should go for?

Here are some of the top NFTs marketplaces.

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OpenSea is the leading NFTs market place. If you’re a newbie, OpenSea is the ultimate NFTs marketplace. It will provide you with an easy NFTs processing.


Signing up on Open is very convenient. Once you’re signed up, you can surf through a huge NFTs collection. You can also do minting (creating your own NFTS) on OpenSea. OpenSea is rightly as easy as you can imagine.



Axie Marketplace:

You might have heard hype about the Axie Infinity. What’s is this all about?


Axie is a video game marketplace where you can buy Axies (Animated creatures). Axies are then thrown over other opponents’ Axies to gain rewards.


NFTs can be used to buy Axies or in game gadgets. However, there are individual tokens for Axies that you need to have called, Axie Shards.



Larva labs/CryptoPunks:


The story behind their revival on the NFTs marketplace as worthy projects, is skeptical. Some of them got viral, and after that they have been very popular.


Larva labs is a diverse marketplace, with other projects and offers. If offers ehtereum-based Autoglyphs, and app development gadgets.


NBA Top Shot Marketplace:


NBA top shot is the digital video based marketplace. The product offered by NBA top shot is “NBA video highlight Clips”.


As soon as you buy these clips, they can be resold or stored in your wallet (Blockchain verified).


NBA Top shop is an easily accessible market place, that is one of pioneers to promote NFTs trading.



Rarible is a community-based NFTs marketplace same as OpenSea. Since Rarible has a vast variety of collectables and is a diverse platform. It offers art pieces, videos, and music.

Do you know? Rarible has inaugurated the use of it’s own built digital tokes as Rarible tokens. You might need to have these in order to buy or sell any thing on Rarible.

Rarible’s marketing strategies are also worth to mention.

As, it has collaborated with Adobe and Yum! Brands’.



SuperRare is another progressing NFTs marketplace. Both, SuperRare and Rarible are nearly similar. The services or products SuperRare offer are: art pieces, videos, and 3-dimensional pictures.  


One thing that makes SuperRare a bit better than Rarible, is it’s currency requirements. You can buy or sell anything using your Ethereum.


Foundation: is an easily accessible and a simpler NFTs Platform. The trading on foundation is made through Ethereum and is currently on a very large scale.

According to an estimated total trading Volume, foundation has successfully traded $100 million of NFTs.

To get started with you purchase process, just top-up your digital wallet with Ethereum. And you’re good to go! But before that, it’s necessary to get invited on the platform by any one from the foundation users or community.


Nifty Gateway:

Beeple and Grimes are the renowned names for an unmatchable artwork. Nifty Gateway is the ultimate marketplace to get the art pieces of these great artists.

Nifty Gateway is an art based marketplace. Crypto exchange Gemini sponsor this huge platform. The Nifties (Nifty NFTs) are based on Ethereum blockchain.



Mintable is an OpenSea like market place, sponsored by billionaire Mark Cuban. Ethereum is the choice of currency to be used on Mintable. Mintable is an easily accessible NFTs Platforms for new and old content creators.

Mintable support any kind of digital content to be sold and bought on its marketplace.


Just make sure to top-up your crypto wallet with Ethereum. Then, you can easily start up with buying or selling anything on Mintable.


Theta Drop:

Theta Drop is a video-based digital market place. It was augured to invest in video and television content available on the web.

Theta Drop started its journey through World Poker Tour’s digital NFTs in 2021.The world poker tour is responsible for featuring digital content.  

Theta tokens are required to process your purchase or sale on Theta Drop.


NFTs Studio24:

We have mentioned multiple platforms or NFT marketplaces for you to start purchasing. But since, you are a beginner you might need some active assistance in choosing the best projects.


Let’s suppose, you’ve chosen OpenSea. Now you want to obtain an equally growing and least Volatile project on the first go.


NFTStudio24 is the right option to get assistance for your NFTs project. Either buying any new project, or growing the existing one, or even those NFTs on promotion.


Want to purchase NFTs? Here at NFTStudio24, we feature latest NFT collections and upcoming NFT projects to keep you updated what’s going in the NFT world. 


You can start buy them to empower aspiring artists and their creative work, and sell these NFTs to generate profits at reselling. 


Keep up with latest news and announcements in Web3 world with NFTStudio24, Japan's first media platform built on blockchain technology revolutionizing the age of news and reporting.

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Keep up with latest news and announcements in Web3 world with NFTStudio24, Japan's first media platform built on blockchain technology revolutionizing the age of news and reporting.