How to Buy & Sell NFTs: The Complete Guide 2022

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Are you a newbie in NFTs investment or a struggler who’s trying for months to get a successful spot in the market?

Spending a lot of time and energy may help you find a good NFT project to invest in — even if you succeed at getting the project of choice — and, you may end up investing a huge sum and your precious time to get an NFT project of your interest, you will still not be sure about whether or not it will bear you the desired fruitful outcomes for the long haul.

Are your USD or Ethereum worthy of any such investment? What if the project will stop growing or your investment will get locked even after minting?

Well! Nobody is willing to pass through this heck. Remember the phrase; “Work smart not Hard”!

NFT Studio24 aims to create a guiding path for your NFTs investment as it highlights highly growing NFTs projects. Not merely this, but also it chooses the least Volatile projects.

The top NFT projects mentioned on NFT Studio24 include brief know-how of the NFT sector, present-day Ethereum prices, Let’s background, body, head, and hair face.

Why NFT Studio24 | Benefits of Buying/Selling NFTs With Us.

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NFT Studio24 is the top NFT platform for both sellers and collectors with a huge audience.

Here is why it is the most considered site;

  1. Increases buyer’s rate for your NFT projects through potential participants who visit the site frequently.
  2. Lower floor prices of the Latest NFT projects.
  3. Get yourself the top-ranking NFT projects through its Ranking System without the hassle of reviewing enormous data.
  4. Get yourself to the bottom right corner when dealing with cryptocurrency prices.
  5. Have a quick go-through of important statistics, minting floor prices of new and old NFT projects, and Trading Volume of NFT projects.
  6. Head on to the next portion, if you want some additional treat to grow your NFT project with some smart tricks.

Sustain Your Project’s Growth through NFT Studio24 |Promotion benefits for NFTs collectors and investors.

After you are done with a successful investment and growing your project with success. You might require additional promotion or advertisement services to sustain your Project’s Growth.

You can set aside your worries and put your trust in NFT Studio24 to advertise your NFTs project and help you grow through a potential audience. This can successfully increase the market value of your Project.

Hence, this was a brief sneak peek into how this can become your place of priority choice. For a detailed dwell, you may reach out to the respective site and enjoy your NFT project growth at a maximum rate!

Here is how NFT Studio rank them;

Top Collection pages:

NFT Studio24 top collection, NFT Top Collection, NFT Ranking System

The top collection ranked by NFT Studio24 is portrayed on the page enlisted with the top 40 pages.

Each project that is displayed contains all of the demographics regarding the top trending projects. This includes the total number of times and owners. Then the floor price of the project along with net volume trade. The projects are ranked according to their rarity.

For example, Boonji Project is created by JupiterGroup. The total availability of items is 11.1k and the trade volume is 4.7k. The floor price of the project is 0.219.

Along with top projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club or Decentraland etc., there are social media handles of the projects mentioned too.

Click on the link and you’ll get strains into the top collection page:

Collection Specific page:

NFT Studio24 specific collection page

Collection specific pages contain deep insight and information about a specific project and related projects.

For example, Boonji Project is created on the Ethereum blockchain. It has a non-identical pattern of NFTs art created by the famous artist Brendan Murphy.

This digital piece of art can stay in your Digital artwork collection, and it will allow you to explore through Boonji Spaceman.

Now the detailed projects that relate to Boonji Project are enlisted below. Where you can find the details. That includes Blockchain details, trading history, and floor price.

You can also find the NFT Studio24 rating scale by clicking on the quick view.

Here’s the page preview:

Similarly, there is a dedicated separate page for the Bored Ape Yacht Club. This project contains thousands of significant Bored Ape NFTs. The projects are enlisted from BoredApeYachtClub #2087 as NFTs Studio24 Rank #1 and BoredApeYachtClub #3749 as NFTs Studio24 Rank #2, and so on.

There are direct links to buy the project of choice from the OpenSea market.

Single Collection Page:

single art page, Buy Bored Yacht Club, BoredYachtClub,

Single Collection page previews the Project image along with properties.

For example, BoredYachtClub #2087 is for ETH769.00 with a trading history of two times sales. ERC721 is the blockchain of this project. The background of the project is purple, with angry eyes, Trippy fur, and a bored cigarette in mouth.

NFTStudio24 rating scale mentions at the side of the project and it presents different colored ranges —dark green for the top 10 to Blue for moderate 501-10000.

Have a preface on this page at:

Boonji_#4916 is another competent NFTs project. Whose minting floor price is ETH1.33. The trading history of this Boonji Project is 4 times the sale and has a blockchain ERC721. Similarly, the NFTs Studio24 Rating score has been identified among the Top 10 exceptional ones to moderate (501-10000). The properties of the project are;

  • Body type is a victory
  • Visor is presented by sapphire.
  • Ear is presented through vox
  • Background is wild.

This unique NFTs sequenced avatar will be a part of your digital Art collection. It will also make you explore undiscovered parts of the Galaxy through the Boonji Spaceman.

Preview of Boonji_#4916:

How to Level Up Profit Score in Selling NFTs?

You might be familiar with the extensive data coverage of OpenSea. NFT Studio24 takes full advantage of it and enlists the top 40 ranking NFT projects on regular basis.

Even if you’re a regular visitor or just formally check on it, this will keep you up-to-date regarding any leading NFT project. If you are about to make a first move in the domain, you are direly urged to reach out to NFT Studio24 to draw out maximum benefit.

Once you are into NFT investment or have already taken your first step forward. Your first attempt is to get knowledge about the minting prices or floor prices of your NFT projects. Still, NFT Studio24 is a reliable site to check on the rarity of the existing NFTs collection.

NFTs Studio24 Advertisements:

NFTStudio24 is the ultimate place for your project promotions and advertising. The services provided at Studio24 are:

  • NFT listing
  • NFT Ranking (Top 40 OpenSea Stats)
  • Articles (Sponsored content)
  • Explanatory Content (articles)
  • Website Banners
  • Press Release
  • Press release in Japan Media (coming Soon)

There are three packages provided by the NFTs Studieo24 which are highly economical to avail.

These are:

  • Basic (0 ETH, One time only)
  • Gold package (1 ETH, One month)
  • Platinum package (2 ETH, 3 months).

Want to purchase NFTs? Here at NFTStudio24, we feature the latest NFT collections from multiple aspiring artists across the globe — and, you can also explore upcoming NFT projects to keep in the loop of what coming next.


Keep up with latest news and announcements in Web3 world with NFTStudio24, Japan's first media platform built on blockchain technology revolutionizing the age of news and reporting.

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Keep up with latest news and announcements in Web3 world with NFTStudio24, Japan's first media platform built on blockchain technology revolutionizing the age of news and reporting.