NFT Game Review: Enter the space-galactic futuristic world of WAGMI Games

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A meme token that turned into an NFT game and ecosystem, introducing WAGMI Games. From its futuristic action-adventure storyline and 3D characters to token utility and authentic roadmap, WAGMI Games is here to dominate the gaming industry. Here’s everything you need to know about WAGMI:

WAGMI Games | Source: OpenSea

Gaming is the most lucrative entertainment industry in the world. The demand for video games, whether in the form of mobile, PC, or game consoles, is more than for music or movies. 

In the NFT industry, the gaming field has the largest revenue. Play-to-earn and play-and-earn blockchain-based built on mobile phones or PC are especially popular. 

But what happens when a meme coin is developed into an NFT game? It becomes a meme+utility platform with more benefits. WAGMI Games has a unique history with many ups and downs but now it has launched its own gaming ecosystem for players. 

What is WAGMI?

Before getting into the NFT game review, you should know what the word “WAGMI” means. If you are not part of the crypto community, you might not be aware of this widely known term.

  • WAGMI is basically an acronym for “We Are Going to Make It
  • This slogan began in early 2018 when the Bitcoin market was crashing and no hope was left with the cryptocurrency and is still used a lot among people.
  • It is widely used by the crypto community like Gary Vee, Coinbase, CoinMarketCap, and Snoop Dogg. 
  • WAGMI meme coin was first launched in 2021, which received a lot of hype
  • Later, 1 out of 6 developers of the meme coin disappeared, and the original developer also went MIA, so the WAGMI coin lost its authenticity.
  • Finally, 4 whales joined hands to take over the project but instead of relaunching a meme coin, they decided to expand its utility by developing an NFT game. 
  • WAGMI Games is designed with the original slogan in mind to become a community-centric gaming ecosystem.


WAGMI Games follows the vision of We Are Going to Make It by launching an immersive 3D platform for gamers to enjoy utility while playing the well-made NFT game.

  • NFT marketplace is built on Immutable X with zero gas fees
  • Play-to-earn with in-game NFTs and rare collectibles 
  • Player vs. Player and a Wagering System

The game ecosystem is divided into two main phases, and so far the first phase has been rolled out called WAGMI Defense developed by Cubix, a software company that has expertise in blockchain and NFT game development.

WAGMI Defense PvP Game
WAGMI Defense PvP Game | Source: Twitter

WAGMI Defense

WAGMI Defense is a Tower Defense Mobile Responsive PvP Game set in the year 3022. Aliens attack Earth to steal “NiFe”, a core element for their survival. The humans have gathered forces called WAGMI to protect the earth from the attack.

The storyline is a battle between aliens and humans. Players can choose to either pick an alien or a human; each has its own unique towers, accessories, power-ups, etc. 

At first, users are given a base set of cards. For the free-to-play mechanism, players cannot upgrade their characters unless they buy NFTs from the WAGMI marketplace using WAGMI tokens. 

Gameplay: Play-to-earn

  •  Players go on a real-time battle to destroy the towers of other players
  • The battle takes place in an Arena where there are two arena towers and one main tower that players must defend against the enemy. 
  • Each side gets a half arena as a territory.
  • Players roll out their troops and power-ups using trading cards. They can also create a clan and share cards to earn rewards
  • As they defeat the enemy by destroying towers, the territory expands in the winning player’s favor.
  • The winning player wins in-game currency, NiFe.

WAGMI Wager system

The WAGMI Wager system is a unique model of the WAGMI Defense mobile game. It ensures everyone gets an equal and fair reward. Here’s how it works:

  • Two players are required to bid based on their skill levels before the battle begins
  • Wager in a winner takes all battle
  • Once the battle is finished, the winning player earns more credits and the loser loses credits. 
Human vs
Human vs. Aliens | Source:


Players on WAGMI Defense will get a chance to earn NiFe, gold, and relics as rewards for winning battles. They will have the opportunity to benefit from the WAGMI wager system and earn rewards. 

Set your traps, battle with your power-ups, and win the battle to get exciting rewards rich in utility; IRL and online. 

Loot boxes
Loot boxes | Source:

Loot boxes

Loot boxes are also part of the WAGMI Games utility that offers players a chance to collect in-game assets as NFTs by winning matches. Each loot box has the utility of providing cash prizes or bragging rights.

WAGMI Game Genesis NFT Collection
WAGMI Game Genesis NFT Collection | Source: OpenSea

WAGMI Game Genesis NFT Collection

WAGMI Game Genesis Collection is a 3,022 NFTs hand-drawn by artist MaddSketch of characters that will be used as avatars in WAGMI Defense minted on March 2022. The characters include Temeluchus, Chemosh, Dagon, Sartosis, Archon, Apollyon, Melek Taus, Figyu, Stemima, Melcrose, Talos, and Leviathan.

This NFT collection only features characters but the game also includes NFTs for power-ups, accessories, towers, etc. on the marketplace. When in battle, they can use these NFTs throughout the game. 

Genesis NFT utility 

The NFT genesis holders are like VIP users of the WAGMI Defense, so they receive a lot of utility with their NFT

  • NFT holders get a chance to claim PLUS, an in-game asset bundle featuring weapons, power-ups, armor, etc. as NFTs.
  • A residual income of 10% from the revenue generated from all the in-game purchases 
  • Access to the WAGMI Discord community
Wagami | Source: Twitter

WAGMI token 

WAGMI Games is developed to provide maximum utility to the WAGMI Game token holders. These tokens are earned by winning battles and making progress with the NFT game. WAGMIGAME tokens can also be bought from the WAGMI exchange by swapping with Ethereum coins. 

According to CoinMarketCap, WAGMI Game tokens have a market cap of $5M and a maximum supply of $2.2 trillion. Its tokenomics is divided by the team as: 

  • 70% for Liquidity/Holders
  • 10% for VC tokens (Locked)
  • 10% for Deployer
  • 5% for Game Economy
  • 3% for Treasury
  • 1% for Exchange listing
  • 1% for Advisory

For the WAGMI team, the tokens are allocated as 3% Marketing, 2.5% Team, 2% Product Development, 1.5% Auto Liquidity PoolP, and 1% Reflections/Re-Distributions.


Here is the utility to own a WAGMI token:

  • WAGMI token is part of the WAGMI ecosystem and gives access to the skill-based contest system. 
  • It is a Governance Token used for initiating game changes via voting
  • WAGMI token is required for players to enter the WAGMI wager system in a PVP game 
  • Players can also earn through NiFe and NFTs
Source: wagmigame

Crypto utility

The best thing about this game is that the WAGMI token has an IRL utility against Ethereum coins on WAGMIGAMES Exchange; the V2 token is available on Uniswap, 1inch, and Digifinex. In other words, the token can be swapped with Ethereum and stored in a crypto wallet. 

As an early project, the WAGMI token has already proven to be a powerful game-based coin in the crypto market. So, the players or NFT holders who earn the WAGMI tokens can get a chance to earn a passive income by trading WAGMI against ETH. 


With the successful launch of the NFT game, WAGMI Game token, and Genesis NFT collection, WAGMI Games have achieved almost all of its goals listed. The roadmap by WAGMI Games is most likely to be updated on a yearly basis. 

Based on the Interstellar Roadmap 2022, the NFT game achieved the launch of v2 & ERC tokens, CMC and CG Listings, Token HODLer Giveaways, exchanges & swap partnerships, and merchandise drop. 

The team will soon be launching the development of the MOBA Game by the end of this year. 


For more information on WAGMI Games visit:




Medium: @wagmi 


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