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NFTStudio24 sat down with Felipe Rieger, the head of KleverNFT and Klever Exchange to talk about Klever’s ambition as an exchange platform, upcoming KleverNFT projects, KleverChain, and future crypto price predictions.

Rieger also made an important announcement on KleverNFT’s upcoming platform “Mint3” to be launched in the coming weeks.

NFTStudio24 Interview with Felipe Rieger
NFTStudio24 Interview with Felipe Rieger

What is Klever?

Klever is a Public Blockchain Infrastructure for the Internet founded in 2019 by Bruno Campos, David Ianakiara, and Dio Ianakiara

It is a proper finance ecosystem that provides blockchain solutions and cryptocurrency products with its various projects including its NFT marketplace called KleverNFT, Klever Exchange, Kleve Swap, and Klever OS. It also has its own Klever App that serves over 3 million users from 190+ countries.  

For this interview, Felipe Rieger gave a detailed explanation to better understand the vision behind Klever Finance. Here’s everything you need to know about Klever:

Klever Exchange trading
Klever Exchange trading

Klever Exchange and crypto trading

Klever Exchange was launched at the end of 2021 to facilitate traders and investors with crypto trading. According to Rieger Klever Exchange was built with the aim to help beginners and professional traders profit through trading without any losses. 

Unlike other crypto exchanges, Klever offers the latest technologies and ready-to-use features that traders can use in everyday investments in the crypto market. The exchange is widely known for its emphasis on iron-clad security, high performance, seamless user experience, and usability. 

Rieger shared that as of now, Klever Exchange is open for crypto-to-crypto trading but is working on adding fiat currencies to the platform soon. This will help traditional traders to enter the crypto space and learn to trade for digital currencies as well. 

When asked what makes Klever Exchange different, Rieger said, “We’re the only one in the market right now with negative makers fees for our traders. We also have a listing shop integrated into our exchange which makes it easier for projects to apply and list.”

Klever focuses on user-friendly and easier adoption for developers by offering API tools to explore cryptocurrency and build their portfolios. 

Rieger announced that the exchange will be launching liquidity pools soon which will enhance the trading experience for professional traders. 

When asked about the vision behind Klever Exchange, Rieger added that Klever Exchange was mainly built as a simple crypto platform. The company aims to bring new users and beginners to experience the world of blockchain and trading without losing money, which is why the platform offers negative makers fees. 

He told NFTStudio24 that many crypto exchanges charge high fees on crypto trading which prevents beginners from taking risks. “We’re focusing on easy adoption for traders who are starting to get into this market,” Rieger said. 

Klever NFT
Klever NFT

KleverNFT: More than a marketplace 

As the head of KleverNFT, Riegerdeeply understands the platform built for NFTs. According to him, KleverNFT is becoming more than just a marketplace by changing it into a Web3 infrastructure platform. 

Klever is creating a disruptive meeting platform for KleverChain NFTs and offering royalties for creators. Klever aims to help new creators who don’t know how to code by offering a simple platform to showcase their talent. 

Rieger also shared that Klever has a built-in on-chain native royalties feature for buyers and creators to track the royalties and transaction history of KleverChain NFTs across various marketplaces. 

KleverNFT to launch Mint3 in the coming weeks!

While talking about KleverNFT, Rieger made an official announcement that the company will soon introduce a new platform called “Mint3” to make NFT trading easier for creators.

A disruptive minting platform for KleverChain NFTs with built-on-chain royalties will allow creators to give utility for them and integrate with third-party features, without needing to code,” explained Rieger.

According to Rieger, this platform tracks KleverChain NFT transactions on other platforms such as Polygon or other chains that need to track these transactions on the OpenSea protocol. “Klever NFTs can track everywhere in its own chain,” He explained.

“Mint3” platform will add features like membership NFTs, music NFTs, and many more. Rieger shared that the company is already in talks with various artists, brands, and celebrities who want to launch their digital collectibles in the Web3 space.

“We have stream3, the member3, and a lot of new things coming. We will explore so much the power of our royalties on-chain features.” He said.

Klever’s new apps will help many creators and industries that want to start using this platform.

Rieger shared that the launch of this new platform will be revealed officially in the coming weeks and talked about it first exclusively in the NFTStudio24 interview.

All in all, the whole concept will be “a centralized marketplace for NFTs and a DEX marketplace for KleverChain and other blockchains.”

NTFs Market
NTFs Market

“NFTs have a bullish potential in the market”

NFTStudio24 asked Rieger about his opinion on the current NFT market and predictions for the future, to which he expressed great enthusiasm. He said, “I have always been bullish with NFTs. I’m still bullish even for this year. I think that the hype phase has lowered and we’re changing the way NFTs are used, this is what I call the ‘Utility Phase.’”

Rieger shared his observations on the changing trends within the NFT industry. At first, NFT wasn’t a mature market but only filled with internet hype. However, with the recent market crash, the industry has realized the utility of NFTs. He detailed that a lot of brands and personalities are coming into the NFT space because of the utility benefits. 

When talking about the initial years of the NFT launch, Rieger shared that when he was a developer he saw that the media and internet treated NFTs quite differently. He believes that NFTs have infinite possibilities and shouldn’t be considered just NFTs. 

Rieger gave the example of Instagram features like putting up your own profile picture that has the same utility as the NFT technology. However, in Web3, this technology gives people the right to own items. “You can own something digital and have meaning on the physical one.”

The head of Klever Exchange predicted that NFTs are bound to have applications in the future. He said that once people grasp the true concept behind NFTs, then the world will completely adopt the new technology in the next five years. 

KleverChain: A New Chapter

Rieger introduced Klever’s latest launch of blockchain infrastructure that will gather all Klever’s products and platforms into one place. “KleverChain is a new chapter in the Klever’s history,” he said. 

KleverChain has opened the doorway for Klever’s platforms and will contribute to taking it higher to compete against leading platforms. Rieger shared that the KleverChain launch will help Klever Exchange complete its whole package for the launchpad product. 

For KleverNFT, KleverChain offers scalable tools and other Web3 features within the chain that creators can use to create their NFTs. 

Klever Kapp
Klever Kapp

All in all, KleverChain offers ready-to-use functionalities and tools for developers what Rieger calls “kapps” available on the blockchain. Klever has taken a new approach for anyone who isn’t familiar with blockchain technology. 

Rieger quoted Klever CEO’s words, “You don’t have to understand blockchain to use it. I think that most of the best technology we have in the world right now is accessible to anyone, and blockchain should be like this.”

In other words, Klever wants to make blockchain more accessible for common people. The team understands that the media and Web3 community has overcomplicated the new technology which is preventing new users to come in and try it out. 

Through KleverChain, users can get to know better what blockchain really is and how it can benefit them with their daily life exchanges. 

Klever news
Klever news
Klever of the future

Rieger shared his personal goals that align well with Klever’s ambition as a company. He said that he wants to achieve many milestones with Klever to become the top crypto ecosystem in the world. He hopes Klever can contribute to changing lives and creating a better world.

Klever’s short-term goal is to become the best Web3 infrastructure for NFTs, and the company is continuously working hard day and night to reach this goal. 

All in all, Klever aims to become the top blockchain in the Web3 space. 

Rieger’s message to developers and creators

The interview wrapped up with a positive message shared by Rieger to NFTStudio24 viewers who are looking for an opportunity to enter the Web3 space. 

He said, “Just start! Sometimes the world is really hard and challenges are not so easy but if you want to make an impact in the world, I think Web3 is really a change opportunity for you. Focus on your development and your skills, and find a great Web3 community and platform to create your products. We are here to help you achieve that…” 

“Follow the tech and the nerds, and people who want to bring change,” he added.

klever Crypto prediction
Klever Crypto prediction
Crypto predictions by Klever’s Rieger 

NFTStudio24 had a rapid-fire question session with Rieger to share his predictions on the crypto market. Here’s what he says:

Q. What do you think Ethereum prices will be in 2030?

A. It depends on network updates. If they deliver based on the roadmap, the prices will increase by 1000% to 5000% compared to today. 

Q. How low will Bitcoin go in 2022?

A. I think Bitcoin has reached the market low already. I can see the market sentiment changing but it also depends on the market’s economic factors.

Q. Bitcoin’s upcoming haul is in 2024, what is your price prediction for that?

A. I can see the market coming back in the next 24 months. I think Bitcoin might cross its all-time high USD mark in 2024.

Q. What are your predictions for the overall crypto market this year?

A. I’m super bullish for developers. We have the passion and skills to create amazing applications and utilities that can benefit people. I think that’s where the market is headed to. 

Q. Which crypto coins are more likely to give good profit during this bear market?

The top 20 crypto coins that are currently charting on the market will give good points. Native coins of Everlasting Web3 projects, some GameFi, and some layer 1 blockchain called Klever. 

Q. Do you think the world will fully adapt to digital currencies by 2025?

I think the world will adapt to the wallet as a mechanism of digital ownership. Similar to how we have Web2 social media accounts in the cloud. 

I see crypto adoption without knowing it works as we have in our app today like Meta’s Facebook using blockchain. I think the mainstream adoption would be that the user doesn’t know that they are using it.


For more information on Klever, visit:

Website: klever.finance 

Twitter: @klever_io

Telegram: t.me/Klever_io 

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