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WorldCorp introduces a brand-new NFT project called Stay With UA in response to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. The collection is a lighthearted satirical commentary designed by a Ukrainian artist, Denis Halushko, to convey the true feelings of war-stricken Ukrainians and depicts the reality of the modern world. Stay With UA will be live for an auction on May 14 on the

The recent happenings of Russia invading Ukraine on 24 February deeply affected the world. The Ukrainians are forced to leave their home country and seek refuge in other countries as Russia continues to bomb Ukraine.

 Art has always been a form of expression and by combining art with technology, art becomes even more powerful. NFTs are the latest inventions that have revolutionized the art world completely. The Stay With UA NFT collection combines art and technology to comment on the Russia-Ukraine war. It is a collection of nine 3D animated “visual screensavers,” each carrying a deep meaning behind its visuals. 

WorldCorp, the company behind Stay With UA, believes the ongoing Ukraine invasion will be a major turning point for the 21st century. Therefore, it is essential to highlight these happenings through technology. 

The collection depicts: “February 24 – the world, in the form in which it was, does not exist anymore. The plans of millions of Ukrainians were destroyed by the utopian ambitions of people “in suits”. Many lost their homes and left their cities forever. We do not sell you empty pictures with words of support.

We are selling you the emotion that every Ukrainian is experiencing now!”

Stay With UA NFTs are video loops that carry satirical comments drawn in a utopian space to depict the reality of human beings. It shows how humans are so invested in exploring space and technology while ignoring the underlying social problems that exist on earth such as the war. 

Although the NFTs are quite lighthearted, they carry much deeper meaning when looked at closely, giving room for self-reflection. For example, an NFT from the collection shows Elon Musk as an astronaut and an alien from Mars shaking hands and dancing around whilst humanity is in chaos showing how powerful people remain unaffected by the issues on earth. 

There’s another NFT that shows baby Yoda with a Ukraine flag painted on its eyes and a “No War” sticker and an NFT displaying the increasing inflation and food prices around the world. 

The Stay With UA NFT collection was minted on May 9 and will go for auction on May 14, 2022, on the Foundation NFT marketplace. Each NFT will have an opening price of 0.9 ETH, which is around $1,825. 

WorldCorp: the creator behind Stay With UA is a progressive NFT brand that uses the power of blockchain to promote something positive and meaningful for humanity by collaborating on various NFT projects. 

Stay With UA is a project by a WorldCorp artist, Denis Halushko. Denis is a Ukraine-based 18-year-old 3D artist who began his career in 2014 by producing his own comics and later entered the 3D world. 

This NFT collection holds a deeper meaning for Denis as it refers to his experience and feelings about the war. The 3D video loops speak for Denis and his fellow Ukrainians in response to the Russian invasion. Denis hopes to become a recognized 3D digital artist. 

Stay With UA’s money point is distributed in two parts. 30% of the earnings will go to fund the artist for future projects and 70% will be used to fund the project, another project by WorldCorp to establish a country-specific access Web3 aid platform for individuals. According to the website, “ is a gate to paradise for those in trouble and a free path for the “Helping Angels”.”

By introducing NFT and Web3 projects like Stay With UA, WorldCorp aims to become an authentic corporation that serves “an island of human relations, as an ark to save humanity among people, as truth among lies and deception.”

Visit’s official website to know more about the corporation and its roadmap. Check out the Stay With UA NFT collection on and follow @Worldcorp_io on Twitter for the latest updates on its upcoming projects. 

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