relaunches after being called a fraud operation

HitPiece, an NFT music company, relaunched its platform after February when it faced backlash for being a scam.

The founder of HitPiece, Rory Felton, announced the platform will be testing its beta stage in partnership with Audible Magic, a music services provider.

HitPiece was initially launched without any licensing rights or authenticity. 

Back then, the team claimed that it would let fans own their favorite songs as NFTs of big artists like The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Taylor Swift.

However, the platform went ghost after it was alleged to be a scam.  “Clearly, we failed to have the proper guardrails in place that ensure that only the rights holders of creative content could actually mint NFTs containing their assets. But it should also be clear that none of the beta was on a decentralized blockchain. It all was on a private chain in a custodial experience,”  explained Felton.

After months of silence, HitPiece is back again, announcing new partnerships with 50+ artists.

In an interview with INPUT, Felton shared they will be adding “tier-one, Grammy-nominated, diamond-level artists down the line, as well.”

Additionally, he shared that this time, HitPiece will only sell NFTs from the verified artists on its platform.

The partnership with Audible Magic is a way for HitPiece to establish itself as an authentic NFT platform in the music industry.

In the press release, HitPiece explained that they will use Audible Magic’s technology for “incorporating automated identification services to determine ownership and related rights.”

Fans and creators can now register on HitPiece: