Paris Hilton backs 

to empower women in Web3


the famous American personality and Web3 influencer, backs to empower women in Web3 as an investor. Her founded company, 11:11 Media will now be part of Breshna’s journey.

Black Section Separator

On August 25, the founder of Breshna and US-based Pakistani entrepreneur, Mariam Nusrat announced Paris Hilton would be helping Bershna games with reaching its goals within the Web3 space.

Black Section Separator is a women-led Web3 gaming platform for creators to unleash their creativity even if they aren’t familiar with coding. Creators can create and monetize their own Web3 games via

Black Section Separator

The gaming platform offers ready-made templates, avatars, backgrounds, and music that creators can pick from to make their own Web3 games. It aims to bring opportunities, especially to women.

Black Section Separator

“So thrilled to support the next generation of creators building their own purposeful web3 video games on @breshnagame,”

Hilton said on Twitter.

Black Section Separator

As of now, beta version has been released. With Hilton’s support and Marium’s leadership skills, Breshna will surely become an influential  Web3 gaming platform.

Black Section Separator

“As a non-tech Founder, I always believed in the power of video games. Breshna is my way of transforming non-tech creatives like myself to become empowered game makers,” 

Marium Says

Black Section Separator

Breshna will soon be launching its website on the Web3 layer where users can monetize their creations, mint NFTs as in-game assets, and become part of the Breshnaverse, a virtual carnival.


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