PROOF x Iconic Moments to honor WHHA legacy via NFTs

PROOF Collective and Iconic Moments, an NFT platform, partnered with the White House History Association to release Sparrows do not fear the sun” by Linda Dounia as part of the Grails II Collection.

Iconic Moments will be helping WHHA in expanding its reach into the Web3 space by releasing NFT inspired by its archives.

The artwork drawn by Linda Dounia Rebeiz, a Black American artist and curator, for the Grails II Collection is called “Sparrows do not fear the sun” and is inspired by Alma Thomas’s Resurrection.

Alma Thomas’s Resurrection was first displayed at the White House 2015 Seder Dinner selected by former First Lady of America Michelle Obama among many historical artifacts.

TheSparrows do not fear the sun” is a reimagined version of Resurrection by Rebeiz who “uses artificial intelligence combining it with her meditative process and a love of nature.”

She handpainted 2,000 pieces using acrylic paint, then combined them using the GAN model. The artwork went through further complicated processes to become a complete piece.

Rebeiz shared she drew the artwork based on the original artist’s biography and the color palette and some similar mark-making to honor Thomas’s art style.

In a way, it’s a blend of both artists. Rebeiz explores her own challenges, experiences, and trends. She and Thomas explore their “grandfathers' properties and surrounded by nature's wonders.”

The Iconic x WHHA NFT will be part of the Grails II Collection listed for PROOF members to mint and the artists’ names or identities will not be revealed until the mint is over.