Tune Talk users receive fake ‘bitcoin investment’ notifications

Tune Talk, the largest Malaysian prepaid network provider, mobile app attacked by scammers. Users came on Twitter to report they are receiving fake ‘bitcoin investment’ notifications to scam people.

Users, on Friday, suddenly received a misleading message that said they had won a contest and can double their Bitcoin investments as a reward. Many users realized that the app might be compromised.

Immediately, Users came on Twitter to warn other users. The tune Talk team later told that they are aware of the incident.  According to the team, only the app’s notification alert was hacked.

“We are aware that the latest app notification may have been compromised. Our team is currently investigating the root cause and we will update our subscribers as soon as possible.”  – Nantha Arumugam.

When the hack happened, Tune Talk didn’t say much and analyzed the situation. However, a customer service operator confirmed the app notifications were hacked. Later, the company updated on Twitter.

“Kindly ignore the message and we appreciate your patience. Rest assured, your personal details are safe with us,”  Tune Talk team shared on Twitter.  Users should not click on any links as of now.

Currently, Tune Talk is investigating the case and will soon update its users about the situation. The app has also sent a notification alerting users that if they receive it, they should ignore it.